Wednesday 26 September 2012

Casper's Response to Keenan Sept 25

As I have said before, I disagree with many things that Casper has said recently.  One of the reasons is that I disagree with his slant or interpretation of events that have or are happening.  But I will say that in this update I do agree with him on a several points.  I am trying to discern who wrote the introductory paragraph to this report as it also highlights several things that are very important to consider, in my opinion.

I think that much of the confusion and arguments that have been generated between Keenan and several others is due to one major issue of contention.  As is said below in the introduction, I think that Neil believes that the Global Collateral Accounts are the be all and end all and that therefore only he is responsible for them and therefore for the economic salvation of the world.  

In previous articles I have said that Keenan and I disagree about the World Global Settlements.  Our disagreement stems from the fact that Neil does not believe that the WGS has been released, whereas I have lost count of the number of sources that have verified not only their existence, but the fact that the money is now in the US, has been released, and is now being sent out world wide. 

A brief note on gathering intel:  Whenever there is a false story or disinfo being spread- regardless of where it is generated from- there is ALWAYS a whistleblower. There have been several of such instances where 3 letter agencies have deliberately spread out a story to throw people off the scent of what's really going on (especially in the world of the "RV"), and each and every time there has always been at least a few people who have come forward and said "No, that's not true, that's not what is/has happened".  When the intel about the details and release of the World Global Settlements  began flowing in, we received verification from dozens of sources- from all areas of government, agencies, foreign embassies and governments, and financial institutions.  We did not receive a single whisper from any source to indicate that this was not in reality happening. This doesn't happen.  There is always a whistleblower. Add to this, the many different sources bringing info with regards to the Prosperity Packages and the Global Currency Revaluation...

...hence the fact that I am certain that the World Global Settlements are a fact and the money is being released. 

Chapter Two of the Leo Wanta Biography is being launched today (which I will post links to in a short while).  I have not had a chance to read it yet, but I've been given a heads up that it will answer some of the questions as to where the original money given to Wanta, by Reagan, actually came from.  This information should clear up at least some of the disputes.

Beyond the World Global Settlements, the Wanta funds, and the Global Accounts, there is still the St. Germaine Trust out there.  The WGS, Wanta funds (we think), and the SGT, are not part of the Global Accounts, and therefore are not within the scope of Neil's responsibility nor his prime focus.  Therein lies the conflicting opinions, information and the arguments.

Casper is correct: his business is not Keenan's business and his sources are not Neil's sources. Just as my sources are not Casper or Keenan's sources.

Going back to a conversation I had with Enerchi, from Ascension with Earth:  If we could get all these people with vital information together- like Casper, Keenan, Drake, Fulford, Hinkle, Wilcock, Poof, Heneghan, and several others- and get them all to the table to openly discuss what they know... I think that the Master Puzzle would come into sharper focus and the lines that divide each section would blur out, leaving a much clearer picture of the whole.


....Could it be that the reason there IS so much conflict is that those conducting the orchestra are deliberately keeping these people divided?  Over the course of the past few weeks I have come to think that this might be exactly the case.  If you think about it, in the last month or so, several people have done a flipflop in their prime focus and suddenly taken a different path.  Might this be because those who are in control of the changes that are currently happening across our planet are manipulating the situation to control the release of the new system?  Perhaps doing this by distracting one of those people who has been leading the charge of informing the public so that they do not leak vital info on the timing of the event? Timing IS everything after all is said and done.

Regardless, it's time to bury the hatchet. We are all working on the same puzzle and it's about time that everyone acknowledges that.

Casper Response to Keenan 9-25-12


THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST AS IT WILL SURELY PISS OFF DRAKE AND THOSE THAT ONLY BELIEVE IN WHAT HE SAYS PLUS HIS CLOSE ASSOCIATION WITH NEIL KEENAN AS DRAKE BELIEVES IN EVERY WORD NEIL SAYS. I have said the same thing before that Neil has a God Complex believing that no money can come to the people but by him. I have said Neil does NOT control ALL the money and assests in the world. The funds to do Ambassador Leo Wanta's task assigned by Regan came from the Treasury. He used these funds to trade in the Ruble which brought down the USSR and ended the Cold War. This created the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols. Therfore, since the money came from the Treasury that which was gained from the trades belong to the people of the United States, and not Neil Keenan and the Collateral Accounts. This is the same way that George Soros has made his money. Wanta's funds were to benefit the United States with taxes and high speed rail. Soros uses his funds to subvert governments including our by buying votes, controlling the elections by owning the company that counts the votes, supporting ACORN and very left wing blogs, radio programs, TV, and other media resources not to mention his own aggrandizement. As you read Casper's response, the group that sent packages to the governors was RUSA and Tim Turner, not Casper.

CASPER UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 - In Response to Neil Keenan Good Morning All: This is the ‘infamous’ casper here with a brief reply to this morning’s Neil Keenan reply to our update of 9-20-12.

First Friends, lets recall why Casper brought the unrelated subject of Keenan and his business into a Casper update on the 20th. It is because he stated many things in writing on the internet one of which was that the programs will never pay. He inserted himself into "our business", a business unrelated to his own, one which he has nothing to do with and obviously knows nothing about other than what he has been mislead to believe by his new friends at the OITC and/or Global Accounts who have been saying from the beginning of time that they own every dime that exists upon this planet including any funds which might be claimed or owed to program participants. You will recall that WE "fought" publically with "Whistleblower/ Obama" for a year or two about this before other battles apparently drew their attention away from their skirmishes with us. Now comes Keenan singing the same very old song and in the employ of those who are attempting to claim all funds for themselves.

WE know a great deal more about Keenan and his employers than we reported. What we know, or think we know, comes from sources around the world and not from our personal involvement with the Wanta Funds, the 120 nations, or the White Hats as charged by Keenan in his overnight update. WE never discuss the Global Accounts, the OITC, the WGS, or even the Wanta Funds except perhaps in a passing remark or unless, as in this case, someone like Whistleblower or Keenan issues highly disturbing and false remarks about "our business", then we bite back saying he/they are wrong, do not know what they are talking about, and should tend to their own knitting which is not going nearly well enough for them to mess around in things that are none of their business. Based on our Intel Keenan will not be able to re-file his lawsuit. Furthermore, we hear, some of his "employers" are reconsidering their "arrangements".

It would be very easy to take Keenan’s overnight update apart line by line pointing out all the factually incorrect statements because there are so many. But why bother? Those who have read and retained the Intel provided in our updates are able to recognize his mis-statements or deceptions as the case may be. WE have never been involved with any u-tube presentation for example, nor had even the remotest thing to do with the 120 or so nations, or any reporting on that subject. Is Keenan lazy, mis-informed or deceitful. You decide. He goes on to say, "It is the Global Accounts Casper is speaking of, not the Wanta funds." No I did not, I made no mention of the Global Accounts in our update. Then he goes on to say, “Hey Casper, aren’t you the guys who had the packages going out to the Governors a year or so ago”? Well, no Neil, WE are not. As a matter of fact Neil, there is virtually nothing in your update addressing our group which is correct but a laundry list of things said which are incorrect. Are you too lazy to actually read what we say or do you need a new assistant who can read? You seem to believe that the accounts you are chasing contain or should contain, all the money in the world. Has it occurred to you that there are funds in this world you are not involved with?

Keenan then mentions many things having to do with "his business" which are no doubt of ongoing interest to everyone but which are not specifically related to our business regardless of what he might think. There is ample derision, confusion, and conflicts of interest currently going on in your world Mr. Neil, so perhaps you would find it more profitable to be looking over your own shoulder rather than issuing unsolicited, emotionally distressing remarks about "our business" which is no concern of yours.

Casper 9-25-12

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  1. I agree in part with Casper and I agree in part with Keenan. Anyway would be extremely dangerous to maintain the worlds money into a sole group as chances of "Monopolio" is huge.

    Now we are getting at a time that the truth must come out, both Casper and Keenan will have to proof themselves and We Are Seek and Tired of waiting for both of them.

    I believe a whole lot of people would agree with me.

  2. Casper only publishes on Fourwinds as he said about a month ago as a response to the Rumourmills website discontinuing to publish hisher articles.

    As you can see on the Fourwinds article the first paragraph does not appear, it seems that the Nesara website added the first paragraph.

    Thanks for answering my armageddon questions the other day. Have you a timeframe for the new financial system....does it coincide with the expiration of the Fed at the end of this year?

    1. Thanks- I've emailed John to find out if he added that first paragraph himself.

      as for the new financial system....we are t-minus any minute. and the minute it goes live, the Fed dies a (hopefully) silent death.

    2. Who is in charge of the implementation of the revaluations and the new financial system? BIS, IMF, BRICS, UN, Basel, Asian families, 120 countries, little green men??

    3. Several groups/countries are working together to do this- over 130 countries. No little green men that I know of. lol.

  3. "If we could get all these people with vital information together- like Casper, Keenan, Drake, Fulford, Hinkle, Wilcock, Poof, Heneghan, and several others- and get them all to the table to openly discuss what they know... I think that the Master Puzzle would come into sharper focus and the lines that divide each section would blur out, leaving a much clearer picture of the whole." AND CHECK THEIR EGOS AT THE DOOR BEFORE ENTERING!!!!

    1. I have the "No Egos allowed in the room" sign made up already!

  4. The World Global Settlements have NOT been released.

    All you have to do to confirm that is to go to the White Hat's blog and read it. They are the TRUSTEES of the WGS, so how come you are not verifying this with THEM?

    Stop listening to the NESARA faction. They rely on aliens and crystal balls.

    1. The World Global Settlements HAVE been released. I do not have to contact the White Hats to ask them because I already know that. I do not "listen to the Nesara faction" nor do I rely on aliens or crystal balls. I have hard intel.

  5. Any dates for a possible Dinar revaluation?

    1. ... this is when I wish I could use one of those little smiley emoticons. picture one with a gag ;>)

  6. Checking their egos at the door is not as simple as it may sound. Remember that "ego" can be considered an acronym for "edging God out." In that context the ego has assumed control and demands recognition (glory) at any cost. Checking your ego at the door is comparable to giving up all control of your life. Obviously that cannot be done but under a shield of safety. I have not seen it better described than in the New Testament terms of surrender and submission. The context is to the Highest Power. There is a natural hierarchy of power. Our puny natural strength is not even enough to overcoming disease, which is the loss of choice. This is evidenced by the eventual death of every body. It takes a greater power to overcome disease. An ego in charge is evidence of the disease in control. Good luck in getting the whole truth out of these guys. Remember, a half truth is a whole lie.

  7. How do I contact you??? Need to send you something. my email is


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