Thursday 20 September 2012

Petition: OBAMA- accept Keshe technology- plus interview sept 11


"President Obama, you have effectively placed a boycott on Keshe technology, identifying this man of peace as a terrorist. The technology offered freely by Mr. Keshe will make war obsolete, clean up the environment, provide medical tools, and take us to space. We urge you to send our best scientists to accept this technology on September 21. Doing so may save our planet for your children and for ours."


This is an excellent interview with Keshe from Sept 11, 2011- I highly recommend watching this.

The latest news from the Keshe Foundation:

Following the success of the 21.4.2012 and 6.9.2012 ambassadorial presentations of the technology at the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium, the Keshe Foundation is proud to announce the presentation of the first series of its international lectures for transfer of technology to the world scientists.

To this effect we have been invited and we have accepted to give the first series of lectures in spaceship technology and its application and implications in the university of Freetown in Sierra Leone starting from 12.10.2012 to 17.10.2012.

If you are near to this location and other countries in Africa, please contact the embassy of Sierra Leone in your country for you to be present in these first lectures and transfer of technology to the world scientists.

As we promised, we take our technology to people of the world through the support of their governments and through our ambassadorial invitations program and we are fulfilling our promise and we are implementing the goal of the Keshe Foundation to unite the scientists of the world in knowledge and peace in harmony through our spaceship program.

We would like to thank the ambassador of the Sierra Leone in Belgium Dr. C. S. Kargbo and the officials of the government of the Sierra Leone for inviting the Keshe Foundation for the presentation of the Keshe technologies in their universities and for their openness in accepting and organising the first international teaching conference in the continent of Africa.

As we promised, the continent of Africa will have its own spaceship program as it is planed for by the Foundation and now we are here to deliver our promise.

M T Keshe
The founder and caretaker of the Keshe Foundation

Original announcement can be read HERE

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