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Updates on the Benghasi "Consulate" false flag attack

From JimStone and his forum we pull this
Forum member DeeZe makes another great post
As it turns out, there really never was a "consulate" in Bengasi. It was a CIA base of operations that got attacked. And why no funeral for the ambassador?
"As a side note, odd as it is, has anyone here seen anything about a state funeral for “hero” Chris Stevens? A recent Google search turned up nothing that I could find. Felicity also noticed that odd fact. The two former Navy Seals had funerals and announcements of such, but what about the ambassador and the guy who was supposedly killed along with him?"
Read that fourm post which goes into detail
It’s being reported in the New York Times that the CIA was all over the “consulate” compound in Benghazi where Amb. Chris Stevens was reportedly killed. They ran the place. It was their base of operations in Libya. In fact, it wasn’t a consulate at all but rather the base of operations for the CIA. Stevens’ presence there is not remarkable since it was the CIA and Stevens working together in Libya since early 2011 who created and ran the fake revolution in the first place.
Of the 20 or so Americans who were evacuated from the location prior to Stevens’ death, “over a dozen” of them were CIA. When it was reported that the ambassador became “separated” from the rest as the evacuation took place, that report came from the CIA. When CNN reports that “someone” found the ambassador’s journal “on the floor” and gave it to them, that unnamed source was probably CIA.
The CIA is still in Libya reportedly keeping tabs on the growing Green Resistance in the country, people who are opposed to the puppet neoliberal regime we installed by running a CIA/Stevens terror campaign and then using that bloodshed and various US media lies to justify a NATO bombing campaign which took the lives of thousands of innocent Libyan people and the rightful leader of the country.
As a result of the reported death of Amb. Stevens, the CIA now gets to use more drones in Libya in full public view to bomb and murder various opposition leader, the rank and file of the Green Resistance and their family members as well. They are also sending in various hit squads, “spies” to run the midnight black bag ops taking opposition leaders out of their homes and renditioning them to various black site Gitmos across the world. So when one asks “who benefits” from the “Innocence of the Muslims” psyop, the answer finally comes back, the CIA.
“The U.S. is sending more spies, Marines and drones to Libya, trying to speed the search for those who killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans…” AP Sept. 15th 2012
The CIA has been in Libya since the fake revolution started, the destabilization campaign which used CIA and Saudi linked “Salafist’ Muslims called “sheikists” by other Muslims for their affiliation with the Saudi oil regimes and their American dollars. The CIA and Chris Stevens ran these “sheikists” since day one according to the New York Times article.
“Within months of the start of Libyan revolution in February 2011, the C.I.A. began building a meaningful but covert presence in Benghazi, a locus of the rebel efforts to oust the government of Colonel Qaddafi.
… From these buildings, the C.I.A. personnel carried out their secret missions.” New York Times
“In the early days of the Libyan revolution, I asked Chris to be our envoy to the rebel opposition. He arrived on a cargo ship in the port of Benghazi and began building our relationship with Libya’s revolutionaries.” Hillary Clinton
In a rather disingenuous article published at Global Research, two writers put forward the notion that the Green Resistance
is responsible for the attack which led to Stevens’ death.
Benghazi Attack. Libya’s Green Resistance Did It… And NATO Powers Are Covering Up
(Typically I’m a fan of Global Research but the publishing of this article makes me have to reassess my support of the site. Even the recent by Felicity Arbuthnot published at Global Research had to include a rather ham-handed tribute to the “the Green Resistance Movement Did It” article which tells me someone working in the editorial side over there probably inserted it.)
The authors of the disinfo piece at Global Research base their entire conclusion that the Green Resistance killed Stevens on the fact that the CIA and State Department have been running the Salafist (sheikist) terrorists since the beginning and thus they wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds so to speak.
“Some claim that Salafists carried out the fatal attack on the US premises. This is more nonsense, since Salafists are NATO allies…
Its members are pro-NATO and anti-Green Resistance. They had no reason to attack the US government site in Benghazi which had been instrumental in galvanizing the Islamist insurgency to topple the Gaddafi government, beginning at least from March 2011 and under the supervision of the late Christopher Stevens. Stevens was Washington’s point man in Benghazi and is known to have cultivated strong ties with the Islamists.
In short, it does not make sense that such Benghazi contacts would have wanted or have been motivated to kill their American paymaster.” Mark Robertson and Finian Cunningham
What Mark Robertson and Finian Cunningham fail to acknowledge and admit is the fact that these self same “sheikists” have been running various false flag attacks for their bosses (Saudi royal family, U.S. state department, CIA, NATO) for decades, always terrorizing some innocent civilians or US official targets in order to justify the inevitable US retaliation against some other group or people. In this case, it’s obvious, it will be the Green Resistance, and Robertson and Cunningham are simply helping to sell that narrative to the “alternative” faction here in the States.
Yes, the “far right” Salafists, the fascist “professional jihadists” who don’t give a rat’s ass about Allah or the Islamic faith (yes people, there are those in Muslim countries who don’t care about such things believe it or not), are in service to NATO and the CIA and strongly opposed to the growing Green Resistance in Libya. So did they have motivation to help the CIA create a justification to step up military involvement in Libya? You betcha.
Now, the FBI investigation into what happened that night is going to be dead on arrival. These CIA assets and employees have fled the scene of the crime and the staged “looters” who ransacked the place afterward destroyed the crime scene to the point that it’s being reported there is no evidence to speak of.
“Complicating the investigation, the officials said, is that many of the Americans who were evacuated from Benghazi after the attack are now scattered across Europe and the United States. It is also unclear, one of the officials said, whether there was much forensic evidence that could be extracted from the scene of the attacks.” New York Times
Hillary Clinton has appointed CFR member and former El Salvadorian ambassador Thomas R. Pickering to head up her “investigation” of the events.
The Green Resistance in Libya is growing in numbers. The people of Libya are opposed to NATO’s rule and the chaos that has erupted in their once peaceful and prosperous nation since the CIA and Stevens planned their destabilization campaign.
The Green Resistance could not have produced the stupid “Innocence of the Muslims” clip and they certainly couldn’t have gotten it from the FBI who created it in the first place as an effort to entrap “extremist” Muslims in California.
The Green Resistance could not have sent Ambassador Stevens back to Benghazi on short notice and under such odd circumstances especially considering how dangerous the area has become as of late.
The Green Resistance could not have made the State Department fail to warn US staff in the country after receiving warnings of pending trouble 3 days prior to the attacks.
and the Green Resistance certainly could not have convinced the 30 or so local militia members who made up the security detail at the CIA compound leave their posts as the attacks began.
The Green Resistance could not have done any of these things (for references to each and every one of the items listed above, please check out my archives on this event, here). So who could have done them all?
The CIA.
Who benefits? Who fled the scene of the crime? Who fed the press the misleading info? Who’s compound was it? Who’s contractors attacked the compound? Who could have arraigned for the Egyptian’s to run the video in the first place? And who had done this exact same kind of operation in the past? The Green Resistance? Get real.
As a side note, odd as it is, has anyone here seen anything about a state funeral for “hero” Chris Stevens? A recent Google search turned up nothing that I could find. Felicity also noticed that odd fact. The two former Navy Seals had funerals and announcements of such, but what about the ambassador and the guy who was supposedly killed along with him?
“In a nation which lets its grief hang out as no other, oddly, daily searches find no funeral announcements for Ambassador Stevens or U.S. Air Force veteran Sean Smith, with ten years as an information management officer in what has been since 2009, Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”
“If there are, as one bereaved American father stated of his son: “throw away soldiers”, perhaps there are also “throw away” Ambassadors and their staff when things go wrong.”

YOO-HOO, ANTIQUE MEDIA: You figured out yet that everything the White House told you about Benghazi was a lie?

Stephen Hayes does the rundown, which can be summarized as follows:

• Ambassador Susan Rice lied on five Sunday talk shows last week, saying that the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens wasnot "premeditated or preplanned".

• Ambassador Susan Rice also lied about Stevens' security, stating that " two of the four Americans who were killed were there providing security."

• White House Press Secretary Jay Carney lied that the attacks had nothing to do with the anniversary of 9/11.

• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied as well, indicating that an anti-Islamic film was the cause of the non-existent protests in Benghazi

• Hillary's State Department lied; first downplaying the possibility of 9/11 terror attacks and then scrubbing its website to remove its horrific mistake

• Clinton also lied to Senate Republicans, claiming they did not have details of the terror attacks when they were instead revealing those details to The New York Times

• President Barack Obama also lied, echoing the same falsehoods for days on end

The facts: There was no protest in Benghazi. There was only a planned, premeditated terror attack on the U.S. consulate. The attack was initiated on the anniversary of 9/11. And two heroic ex-Navy SEALs -- who were not part of Ambassador Stevens' security team -- jumped into the fray and died protecting him.

This is a scandal. And even Sixties media is going to have to cover it.

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