Saturday 1 September 2012

UPDATE Sept 1 2012: WGS, PPs, RV, and a whole lotta shakin goin on

Happy Saturday everyone!

After reading the brilliant article by hopegirl2012 "While you were asleep, Story of the 2012 revolution" I realized that there were several subjects that I needed to comment on to clarify certain points.  

...and it's been a while since I've done a full update.

On the subject of the financial collapse:  Hopegirl2012's article doesn't take into account the launch of the World Global Settlements.  The WGS are ready to go out and many have been delivered to various countries and entities and are just waiting the final "GO" signal to be implemented.  An unbelievable amount of money is sitting in the US right now.  Some of this money will be used to fund the Global Currency Revaluation.  Many many countries that had invested in and held Iraqi Dinar have already exchanged their Dinar for vouchers and await the moment that the Global Currency Revaluation goes live.  The delivery of the WGS and the launch of the new global financial system will radically change how banking and finance is accomplished and will create a transparent base for monetary transactions that will prevent the vast money laundering, derivatives, and leveraging ponzi schemes that the Cabal have used for generations to amass their vast fortunes. 

The past few weeks have seen an unbelievable amount of cheating, black mail and hostage taking in the back rooms of dirty politicians. These Cabal puppets really ramped up their game- just reading a review of what happened this week at the Republican National Convention should convey to you just how undemocratic the US government really is.

The Man from the strangely shaped office thought that he could manipulate the release of the new system, WGS etc by holding the RV hostage. Well that didn't work out very well for him:  after a few days of desperate acts and blusterous words and dire threats (which were ignored when the military told him to go pound sand), he was made to understand that he couldn't win, and the two lovely ladies who had to educate him sent him on a special trip. The man in the idiot box is not who you think.

This week important papers were signed and the World Courts in the Hague were very busy.  Two countries visited the Hague to explain to the nice Courts that they've had quite enough of the bullshit by the US and that they'd like to have their RV now.  Thank you.  So after several false starts, it seems that things are finally lining up and we're good to go. 

Side note on the RV:  As we are so incredibly close to the end of this long and frustrating journey, it seems that more and more rats are coming out of the sewers to play "Let's make a deal".  I want to say one last time: Any group that is telling you they will get you a higher rate with them, and then demand you pay them a percentage.... they are LYING to you!  The highest rate that will be available to the general American public, is the Studley/General64 group: no strings attached, no finders fees, no paying a percentage, no brokers, no middle men.  Straight up currency exchange, in a bank, with a banker. Don't be tricked into loosing a huge percentage of your exchange to these charlatans- they will NOT get you a better rate and they will NOT get you in any earlier than any other group.  

This next fact is a very important one to realize, because it will make the next topic I want to discuss clearer.

The reason we are here, on the cusp of  breaking free of the old greed induced, power hungry, "we're going to rule the world!" financial system, is because of the work of many people in other countries.  Many many other countries, but the leading phalanx that has been driving this battle against the cabal have been the very countries that the Cabal has gone to great lengths to convince you are the ultimate evil. Gee, I wonder why?

I've spoken about the BRICs nations and their alliance on several occasions, especially last spring when they openly announced that they will no longer be using the Federal Reserve Dollars as their trading currency.  A lot of countries are following their lead.  A whole lot of countries.... actually, just about every country with the exception of the G20 nations have thumbed their nose at the Federal Reserve and their fake worthless money and said "we're not gonna take it".  One of those BRICs nations has sent a power house in the form of a small Asian woman to deal with the mess, who along with another well known foreign woman, and backing of the World Courts in the Hague, have brought us to the finish line.

... so when you're cashing in your Dinars and Dong just remember this: it wasn't YOUR government that brought you this financial independence.

Independence.  This brings me to the next thing I want to talk about. Revolution.

Drake has spoken about the mass arrests that are going to happen.  There is a reason that they haven't happened yet and a reason why Drakes timings have been off: it's not his fault.  The reason is that before the arrests can happen, the new financial system has to be in place, and everything that goes along with that- WGS, RV etc...  As they have been continuously delayed, stopped, and held for ransom, so has the next step to follow them been delayed.

But now, on the cusp of the releasing of these financial instruments, we are very close to seeing the changes that are so vitally necessary.  The signs are all around us. As I said in an update in early August

Not the arrests you wanted to hear about? Well no worries, they are coming.  LIBOR will cascade like dominoes, and the big banks will only be the starting line up once the dots are connected.  I also think that the full audit of the Federal Reserve will start a chain reaction as well.  

... and all those Politicians, and mega businessmen, and banksters that thought they could sneak into Reno and double and triple dip?  Well I guess you should of read the fine print on that document you signed.  Don't be surprised when you get a knock on the door and you're escorted to your new home.  Oh and Thank you for that generous contribution to your country!!
As Drake recently said, a lot of those politicians might not be returning from their summer vacation.  

Last week Drake also said:

Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  August 29, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

 * Tactically, everyone is in position.
* Most of the foreign special forces troops here are on our side.
   If troops are wearing a NATO uniform, they are fair game. 
   If wearing a Russian or Chinese uniform, protect them.
   They have orders not to interfere with civilians or our military. 
All of the logistics for mass arrests are prepared.
* He has more access to verifiable information.
* When we are set free, the church bells will be ringing to notify us.
We have about 15 - 20 million people on our side and in place.  
    This includes military, sheriffs, deputies, militia etc.

Ascension with mother earth keeps an excellent log of all of Drakes updates:

Please take note of what he said about those wearing Russian or Chinese uniforms.  There have been several reports of foreign soldiers on the US borders.  I highly doubt that they are here to take over America. Russia and China- ie: BRICs Nations.  IE: the countries leading all the rest of the countries of the world to stand up to the cabal and their banker and politician puppets.  This isn't about Americans, this is about the Cabal puppet masters.

Several of the puppets have been taken out of the equation, but the puppet masters still have strings to pull. But not for long.

Big changes are coming.  Being prepared is vital.


  1. Thank you for this posting as I wholly concur and it is hard to find info that encompasses a truthful, "big picture" prospective. I get that it is hard for the media educated us citizen to have any clue to the real is time to wake up and change this time should not be a cause for fear. We will be dancin' in the streets as true liberty comes...

  2. who is the author of this article?

  3. Who is the author of this article?

  4. it looks like Breaking The Silence is the writer w/out no profile to see it maybe Drake? well he started saying "I realized" "I needed" "Ive done" + didn't bother saying a name SO he probly don't want us to know + it better NOT be dis info !!
    + to duh 1st poster concur ? WTF - i think a better word is AGREE
    + liberty comes ?? are you oldfashioned ??
    let's not SEE PEOPLE COMING IN THE STREETS OK ? it'd be better to say liberty RINGS or HAPPENS

  5. I want so very badly to believe this article. I pray it's true this time!!!!!

    1. We're still hearing it's imminent. Fingers are crossed that the cabal don't throw another curve ball at us.... again.

  6. Back in March, Drake said mass arrests will happen in 2 weeks. Then they said that the GS and the RV was not able to happen until the mass arrests happened. Now its the other way around. Sounds like we are stuck in a catch 22 for the last 6 months... I hope this back and forth is straightend out and not just dis-info to calm the masses.

  7. The reality is that we know what we know, and we are sitting here, like you, just waiting for it to go. And it sucks.

  8. I don't trust Drake! I think he is nothing more than controlled opposition. There was a guy who challenged him and Fulford on all that they has said, but Drake and Fulford would not accept the man's challenge. This is more than revealing! They are not giving you the truth! Their downfall and the Dark Cabal that they work for will happen when the financial collapse happens. There will be horrendus up heavals for everybody, but it will be the only way in which to awaken all of the masses across the Globe!! The Cabal will offer their sinister solution which humanity must reject!!! NO to a one Central Bank, NO to a Single Currency! NO to a one world Military or Government! WE MUST PUT AN END TO USURY ONCE AND FOR ALL!! NO MORE INTEREST OR DEBT BASED CURRENCY BY THESE PSYCHOPATHIC RETARDED DEMONIC ENTITIES!!! IT IS TIME FOR HUMANTY TO RID THEMSELVES OF THESE PARASITIC HYBRID BLOODLINES THAT ARE NOT EVEN WORTH SHIT! DESTROY THE ROTHSCHILDS OF THIS WORLD! GOOD RIDDANCE OF DIABOLICALLY BAD SATANIC RUBBISH!!!!

    1. WEll Edward you are entitled to your opinion on Drake and Fulford- I encourage free speech and the exercising of free will.

      But the idea is to make this change over to an cabal-less society with out hardship, with as little upheavals as possible. The world turned inside out will not waken the sleeping population, it will terrify them and they will crawl deeper into their head in the sand hole that they've dug.

      With the launch of the WGS and the new financial system, collapse will not happen. the financial collapse is a tool of the Cabal to drive us into a "new world order", global government. The cabal have created every financial collapse in the last hundred years to arrive at this point in time- them super wealthy, us super poor. THAT is NOT what we want to happen. Instead we institute a new financial system- one that they can not control, and then we arrest them and confiscate their stolen wealth. If you want to win, you cut off the source of their power: Money.


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