Friday 30 January 2015

Transpicuous News Special Financial Report: Unpegging a "Soft Landing"

Tonight on CCN I will be doing a LIVE stream Special Financial Report on Transpicuous News.

News this week has been very.... exciting.  The Financial News hints have been HUGE.  For those of you following the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation, the Global Currency Revaluations etc... you will find the information I have to bring out tonight very interesting, no doubt.

So please tune in tonight on CCN, live at 11pm GMT

And as a little prequel, below are the clips from this past Sunday nights TN report and the Wednesday night Midweek report for you to listen to before the show goes live tonight.  Oh.... and below that, is a little light reading for you to do for your homework.


Sunday January 25, 2015- 8 minute segment from the Transpicuous News report.

And Wednesday night on the Midweek Report I also said a few things about the currency peg situation- if you scroll forward to the 42:07 to 43:52 mark you will hear my commentary.

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