Wednesday 14 January 2015

Rainbow bright: New energy, New frequencies, New light

In the past year I have witnessed some of the most incredible rainbows ever.  Don't get me wrong, I've seen more than my fair share of rainbows in the past 40(something) years.  I use to live in Niagara Falls and saw spectacular rainbows over the falls regularly, but..... I have never experienced rainbows- classical rainbows, and rainbow cloud structures like I have seen in the past  year or so.  and last month we witnessed a WEEK of rainbows that defied description.  I will post a few of the pictures we took below this article- and we are not nearly professional photographers sooooooo....

I do not think that suddenly rainbows have decided to change.  That they are now appearing the way that they are- all over the globe- just because.  In my opinion, I believe that the energetics and frequencies of Earth are changing.  We feel it.  We witness it in so many ways, from the waking to humanity on a level never before seen, to the appearance of brilliant Rainbows unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. 

I began to see a change in the light spectrum and it's effects in January 2013. For a very long time I actually thought there was something wrong with my eyes as I could see rainbows in the clouds if the light conditions were just right.  Then one day while driving I pointed out a few small white clouds in a brilliant blue sky, on a blindingly bright day in March 2013 to my husband and I was surprised that he could see the rainbow-like colours in the clouds just like I could!  That spring we saw rainbow halos around the sun and stood in a grocery store parking lot staring in amazement at the colours..... while the people around us trudged on their way without even glancing up.  How could these visually spectacular events be happening right there in the sky and yet no one was talking about it?

Fast forward to October 2013, when we witnessed an incredible rainbow in Cabo Negro, Morocco, that stretched from one side of the sea to the other, across the wide bay.  Not just one rainbow but two! THIS was an event that stopped traffic, drew people out of the cafes and away from the football game on TV, and left crowds staring up into the sky for almost 20 minutes, as the light shifted from white, to a golden glow that literally changed the colour of EVERYTHING- people, trees, the road, the sky.... all had a golden glow.  People literally were staring at each other and laughing in amazement.

Fast forward again to December 2014, where we had rainbows over the Mediterranean Sea for 4 days in a row in Restinga Morocco.  The first day we saw a pyramid shaped rainbow- and yes, I know what you're thinking, rainbows are NOT pyramid shaped- but this one was.  The picture (below the article) was taken on a cel phone camera and does not even slightly show how spectacular this was to see.  The next day we had a double rainbow, fully formed that touched down on the beach right in front of our house.  Now again, I know that you might say that's impossible, yet when the children saw the END of the rainbow ON the beach, they took off running to go catch it.  While nick and I watched from the yard as they ran towards the end of the rainbow, nick stating that it was impossible for anyone to actually reach the end of a rainbow because it was an optical illusion of the light ..... the children stopped EXACTLY where they rainbow ended ON the beach.  They stopped and they danced and jumped up and down and clapped their hands.... we were shocked!!!  How could they know that that was the EXACT spot that we could see as the end of the rainbow from our vantage point 100 meters up the beach?  When they returned the were laughing and giggling and my 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter  and their friend Alex told us "We danced in the rainbow!!!!!!"  Keira even picked up a piece of shell that had colours like a rainbow and told me "This was in the rainbow"....

.... Not only that, but the colour of everything in between the two rainbows was different.  This time we had a real camera and were able to capture the moment. (below the following article).

I do not believe that this was just  coincidence.  I do not believe that we saw two more double rainbows that stretched perfectly from side to side of the sea that same week, with colours unlike anything that any of us had ever seen before, was just "coincidence". 

No.  I think that as the energy and frequencies of the planet are shifting, we are literally SEEing the light differently.  So when I saw this article below, I wasn't really all that surprized at the images.  I think that we will be seeing more and more photos like this.


"rainbow clouds" taken over SW Ontario, Feb 2013
Picture of the phenomenon taken on December 22, 2014 from Skedsmokorset, Norway:

Rare ice halo display in New Mexico

Ice halo display captured by Joshua Thomas in Red River, New Mexico on the morning of January 9, 2015.
View larger. |  Halo display in Red River, New Mexico January 9, 2015.  Photo by Joshua Thomas.
View larger. | Halo display in Red River, New Mexico January 9, 2015. Photo by Joshua Thomas.
The U.S. National Weather Service in Amarillo, Texas posted this photo on its Facebook page this weekend. Joshua Thomas in Red River, New Mexico captured these magnificent arcs in the sky on the morning of January 9, 2015. Look below for a labeled version of the same photo.
Ice halos are commonly seen by those who look at the skies; we receive several photos of ice halos from somewhere in the world every week, especially in wintertime. Often, we’ll receive many such photos, across a particular region, sometimes for several days in a row. Most ice halos appear as a circle or ring around the sun or moon. Sometimes, if conditions are just right, you do see these wonderful, rare events when the whole sky is filled with halo arcs.
Ice halos are caused by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, which both refract and reflect sunlight or moonlight.
Read more: What makes a halo around the sun or moon?

My Photos of Rainbows taken Dec 2014

Rainbow Pyramid Dec 2014
Double Rainbow- you can actually see that the rainbow touches the sand
Logan and Kael dancing under the end of the rainbow up at our end of the coast
D Standing at the end of the rainbow.

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