Tuesday 13 January 2015

One People's Roundtable Discussion: Energy, Science and Unlearning

Here is the video of last nights Round Table Discussion Live Stream show.

Lisa and Brian were traveling last night, so I hosted the show with Nick.  Our guests last night were John Carl, Daniel Westaff, and Michael Waters.  While we touched on many subjects, the prime focus of the show was discussing Alternative Energy (we refused to say the "F" word!), Open sourcing, the latest Keshe news updates on his technologies, and we spent quite a bit of time dissecting "Science" and all of it's aspects of incorrect, inaccurate,imprecise, ignorant, incompetent, and  just down right Wrong theories.

...What is gravity anyway?

To quote a comment I made in the New RTS Chat room on Skype this evening:
[5:51:00 PM] D.Breakingthesilence .: lol- language and science.  that was the major focus of last nights round table discussions.  It is vital that we relearn what we thought we knew, and yet we are hampered by the language.  What "energy" means to one person may not be what it means to another person.  The use of the word "Plasma" is the same.  When we are dealing with incomplete (if not down right wrong) understanding and definitions of words, then we will continuously hit walls.

[5:53:54 PM] D.Breakingthesilence .: "gravity" "Mass" "electrons" protons" "speed" "time" "spacial distance" ..... all words that we think we know- because we were taught them in school, and yet we know that we KNOW nothing- and that a good portion of what we were taught is incomplete at best, highly misunderstood, and completely wrong at worst.

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