Monday 12 January 2015

Transpicuous News Jan 11, 2015: False Flags, Shipwrecks, and ISIS in Washington DC

Good morning everyone.

Last nights live stream of Transpicuous News was a long one as it took me a full hour to dissect all the latest happenings in the world.  We revisited the Air Asia incident and took a long hard look at the latest shipping crashes and groundings, made fun of several government officials and reviewed the latest information and disclosures on the French False Flag event.

Below are the links to the various news stories I have been following and links to the two latest Removing the Shackles articles that I publish yesterday- one outlining the dots I connected to Germany being the next European False flag event, and the other one showing screen shots of ISIS Mercenary groups Washington DC offices..... Stories that we will most certainly be watching very closely!

Transpicuous News will be Airing live on CCN and TONE every Sunday night at 9pmGMT.  If you miss the live stream, you can actually watch it later on that same day just by pulling the CCN live feed "cursor" back to the time of the show.  CCN has been set up so that every show is available, like a PVR, for that 24 hour period.  And as usual, I will post out the Youtube video of the show the next day.

RTS: Germany: The Next False Flag?

RTS: Who is ISIS, and Why do they have offices in Washington DC?

News links for the past week:!/news/weird/Mystery-Explosions-Rattle-Pennsylvania-Town/287509831

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