Tuesday 20 January 2015

One People Roundtable Discussion with Lily Earth- video

One People Round Table Jan 20 – 2015

Today we welcomed back Lily Earth to discuss the energetic shift that took place at the new year and the birth of the ‘human warrior’, as a stage in our healing process.

20 January 2015

Good afternoon everyone!  Here is the recording of last night's One People Round Table Discussion.  We had a great conversation with Lily Earth, and discussed many aspects of the "New Age" paradigm of putting the people back to sleep, and the various aspects of the "Warrior" spirit that has emerged from this awakening to the truth of the dream time slumber of "everything is perfect" religious template.   We talked about the taking back of our POWER and removing our "consent" to having our power taken away from us, how that looks and how we move forward as an awakened humanity. We also discussed the Mayan prophecy of the "Rainbow Warrior" that I wrote about last week on RTS- "Awakening the Warrior"

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