Friday 23 January 2015

How Did American Weapons End Up at Donetsk Airport?

Yes, Please explain to us how American and German made machine guns, sniper rifles, and communications equipment ended up in the possession of the Ukrainian army?

... and please don't try to pass off that ridiculous story by one troll saying that the weapons were the same ones the Russians took in Georgia.
How about this: why don't they show the world the serial numbers on the weapons and then do a search for when they were made, who bought them and where they've been shipped to?  I know that I would be very interested in this information... I"m sure others would find it very interesting too.


How Did American Weapons End Up at Donetsk Airport?

On January 15th, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported claims by Donetsk People’s Repulic’s (DNR) PM Aleksandr Zakharchenko that American weapons were found from areas of the airport previously occupied by Ukrainian forces. It was specifically claimed that the types of weapons included M-16 assault rifles, machine guns, Browning pistols as well as types of ammunition ‘banned by conventions’. Deputy Eduard Basurin also claimed the weapons were shown to OSCE observers, though RIA Novosti separately reported OSCE observers did not actually visit the airport, a fact which was also noted in the OSCE SMM daily report.
On January 18th, images of these weapons started appearing online. These included a video filmed by Russian LifeNews TV channel.
On the video, M4-family rifles are clearly visible and identifiable. A machine gun is also briefly seen in the video, along with what looks like the cylinder of a multiple grenade launcher, and a large case, which seemingly bears the logo of Harris Corporation, a communications equipment manufacturer.

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