Friday 16 January 2015

Russia, China and Uncle Sam: Who's in bed with Whom?

Watching the positioning of the BRICs nations over the past two months has been VERY interesting.  Watching the positioning of Russia gathering up allies  and China buying up allies has also been very interesting to observe.

China has been making moves into Africa for a long time, but their recent moves into South America and the Caribbean arena has been very telling of a super power making it's moves to consolidate it's reach.

Russia on the other hand is also consolidating its power base.  While western media outlets like to portray Russia as the evil bad guy who's currency is crashing and economy is falling to pieces.... they do not like to actually shine any light on the very fact that Russia IS gathering a strong group of supporters, and their economy is no worse off than the US, England and the European Union. In fact, in actuality Russia is much stronger than the entire group.  One of the reasons is the resilience of the Russian people and it's government to keep focused on internal issues- such as creating their OWN power, growing their OWN food- so that external pressures, like international sanctions and the collapse of the oil/OPEC market, are not as damaging to their internal structure as it would be to nations, like the US and UK, who live WAY beyond their means and have lost the ability to even feed themselves without needing to import external sources  to spoon feed them processed foods laden with chemicals and GMO toxins.  ..... But I digress.  That is an article for another day.

While the western media whores are distracting the world with visions of terrorists hiding behind every rock and tree, Russia and China have been quietly insuring that they have the power players already picked out and ready to put on their new jerseys.  The sudden appearance of the Eurasian Economic Union over the holidays and New Years, while penned in May of 2014- without hardly a mention by western media- was a shock to many on January 2nd, 2015- more so when Russian told the European Union nations to come on over to their shiny new Union and leave that defunct busted ass EU behind....

Already France has called for abolishing the sanctions against Russia, and former German political figures jumped on that bandwagon as well. (interesting, eh?),  and a lot of nations are real cozy with Russia already, and not just the "baddies" like Syria and Iran as the western press would have you believe.

russian and pakistan
russian and venezuela
russian and brazil
russia and monaco

China and Russia's alliances are well touted through the main stream media- seeing as they are both "the bad guy" so it's safe to draw those connecting lines publicly.  And the public knows about the BRICs nations- or at least they should by now- if they don't, perhaps we should just pull the plug now and stop those human sponges from wasting everyone else's air. (sorry, but the abject ignorance of the masses in certain places *cough cough cough *US* cough cough cough* makes me want to rip my hair out).

But what is the real truth? First the BRICs are back in the media spotlight again- or at least, in the Russian media:

Russia’s presidency aims at turning BRICS into full-fledged cooperation tool

January 13, 14:58 UTC+3
One of the major goals of Russia’s presidency will be implementing the BRICS decisions on setting up its own financial institutions, namely the New Development Bank and a currency reserve pool
Meeting of BRICS delegations' heads (archive)

Meeting of BRICS delegations' heads (archive)

© ITAR-TASS/Valery Sharifulin

© ITAR-TASS/Yuri Smityuk
MOSCOW, January 13. /TASS/. Converting BRICS, a grouping of five emerging economies — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — into a full-fledged cooperation mechanism in major issues of global economy and politics will be a key goal of Russia’s upcoming presidency, a senior Russian diplomat told China’s Xinhua news agency in an interview.
“Since April 2015, Russia assumes the functions of BRICS president,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said, noting that the grouping has become a “significant factor in the world economy and politics” since the first full-scale diplomatic meeting in Russia’s Yekaterinburg in 2009.
The long-term aim of Russia and its partners is to transform BRICS from a “dialogue forum and tool of coordinating positions on a limited range of issues into a full-fledged mechanism of cooperation in the key issues of global economy and politics.”
“This is our approach to defining the tasks for the upcoming Russian presidency in this grouping,” he said.
One of the major goals of Russia’s presidency will be implementing the BRICS decisions on setting up its own financial institutions, namely the New Development Bank and a currency reserve pool.
These institutions are aimed at “stabilizing capital markets of the member-states in case of crisis situations in the global economy and also deepening the integration of our states, increasing their trade and investment capacities,” Morgulov said.
Dmitry Rogozin
© Nikolay Galkin/TASS
Morgulov said Russia is actively cooperating with Chinese partners to achieve this goal. He mentioned a draft BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy up to 2020 which could become an important benchmark for the operations of the New Development Bank, the Business Council and economic bodies of the member-states.
The diplomat said the BRICS member-states plan on increasing the efficiency of industrial and technological cooperation, deepening cooperation in such areas as energy, mining, metallurgy, agriculture, telecommunications, cutting-edge technologies and expanding cooperation in the humanitarian sphere.

And then it would seem that RT is having difficulties with  the timing of their articles- or do they?  Their recent article announcing that China and Russia are setting up a new Ratings agency gives the illusion of it being news (below).... till you go look at it up close and you find announcements from October.....

Russia, China, US to set up new independent rating agency

October 24, 12:26 UTC+3
Universal Credit Rating Group will not represent any country and will be financed by private institutions’ investments


BEIJING, October 24 (Itar-Tass) — Russia, China and the United States will jointly create a new independent rating agency to provide fair and true information about global economic processes, China’s Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.
The U.S.-based rating agencies Standard&Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch failed to issue a warning of the upcoming financial crisis and even helped to aggravate it, Guan Jianzhong, president of China’s Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., said.
Excessive optimism of the U.S. rating agencies led to the financial crisis and the current international rating system can no longer meet investors’ demand, Sean Egan, president of Egan-Jones Ratings Company, said.
Within six months China’s Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Russia’s RusRating and the United States’ Egan-Jones Ratings Company will set up Universal Credit Rating Group. It will be headquartered in Hong Kong.
The group will not represent any country and will be financed by private institutions’ investments.

Hey wait!  This isn't new news!  This is from 2012!!!  Hold on......

Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) (Chinese: 世界信用評級集團) is a credit ratings agency based in Hong Kong. Plans to create UCRG were announced in October 2012,[1] and it was officially founded in Hong Kong in June 2013,[2][3] as a partnership between Dagong Global Credit, Egan-Jones Ratings, and RusRatings. It claims to be the only international credit rating agency based in the Asia Pacific area.[4]

So this "New" Credit rating agency isn't new at all.  Then the question is:  Why is RT pumping this article below like it's some sort of "OH Wow!  Look what Russian and China are doing now!" announcement?  Don't be fooled, there is ALWAYS a reason for every article that is posted, in any media outlet.  At first I have to admit that I assumed that China and Russia were announcing a brand new credit rating agency- you know, sorta like a BRICs affiliate type thing.  But no- if you scroll down to the very last paragraph of the article says:

"UCRG was officially created in June 2013 by China’s Dagon, Russia’s RusRating and America's Egan-Jones Ratings. Each member will hold an equal share in the venture, with an initial investment of $9 million."

So it's not "new" and it's not even a Russia and China venture.  This is a private venture split equally three ways between a Chinese rating agency, a Russian rating agency, and a US rating agency.  So why is RT pumping it out now, as a Russia/China thing when it's really a corporate three way split thing that includes an American company too?

China and Russia to launch new credit rating agency in 2015

Published time: January 13, 2015 14:17
Edited time: January 14, 2015 10:02
Reuters/How Hwee Yong
Reuters/How Hwee Yong

​The new Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) is being set up to rival the existing agencies Moody's, S&P and Fitch, and its first rating will be issued this year.
The setting up of UCRG is in its final stages, ready to challenge the ‘Big Three’ that currently dominate the industry, the Managing Director of RusRating Aleksandr Ovchinnikov told Sputnik News Agency on Tuesday.
"In our opinion, the first ratings [will] appear … during the current year," Ovchinnikov said, adding that accreditation with the local regulator is already underway.
The news comes on the heels of Fitch’s decision to follow S&P in downgrading Russia’s sovereign credit rating to BBB-, a step above junk level and on par with India and Turkey.
The new agency will be based in Hong Kong, and provide a check on the ‘Big Three’, which some analysts say don’t provide an accurate reading of economic situations.
Many securities and bonds in the US that had triple-A ratings in 2008 and were considered ‘safe’, turned out to be a bubble, revealed by the subprime mortgage crisis.
"When the issue of creating an agency alternative to the ‘Big Three’ [Standard & Poor's, Moody's, and Fitch Group] was raised, we in fact offered [a] project that was ready to be launched and was supported by the governments of Russia and China," Ovchinnikov said.
Developed economies are often given a free credit rating pass, whereas developing economies are assigned more risky ratings, the RusRating analyst said.
UCRG was officially created in June 2013 by China’s Dagon, Russia’s RusRating and America's Egan-Jones Ratings. Each member will hold an equal share in the venture, with an initial investment of $9 million.

Certain news agencies have been banging the drum of the marriage of China and Russia and playing it to the hilt. The western News moguls have been banging the drum of the US vs Russia- the return to the "Cold War", "oh Russia is such a baddie" type rhetoric.  And yet......

Why is the US in bed with Russia  every other time you peek through the blinds? 

Us to buy russina rockets

ISS crew locks down inside Russian sector after cooling system glitch

Why does the US run to China every time they need someone to buy their worthless debt instruments? 

Is there REALLY a "war" going on between these nations?  Or is this just another ruse to push the slavery 2.0 agenda?   As I have been saying for a long time, it doesn't matter who manages to plant their flag at the top of the garbage heap that is the world economy- it's all the same master and slavery game.  So again I ask:  Is this perceived battle between the super powers just a smoke screen to distract the people?.... while the real powers enact their agenda just as they always planned to do? 

I think that this is one of the main questions that the media is distracting the public from.  I think it's time that we really LOOKED at all that is being played out and ask if while we are all looking at who's playing on who's team..... are we missing the point that the game is rigged?

While we are watching the game between this side and that side, and are thoroughly distracted by the terrorists on the side lines, WWIII is bubble bubbling toil and troubling, with a coven of hidden controllers stirring the pot of phoenix stew under the stadium.

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