Saturday 10 January 2015

Empower It Forward: I am Empowered!

Empower It Forward!!!!!

I am very proud of Brian and Jorge and their team who have worked relentlessly on this project for the past three months.  The time and effort that they have put into this has been incredible, and the process of it's evolution has been amazing to watch unfold.

Please share this awesome video with your friends and family and social media groups.  It is TIME for us to Be the Change by helping others Be the Change.


Be the Change You Wish to See in the World. Join the movement; Empower it Forward.

We believe in the power of community and have seen first hand how it connects and empowers people from all walks of life. The #empoweritforward project grew out of a simple desire to take an active stand against all forms of human suffering, by putting focus on Empowering each other, no matter what the circumstances. When we do so, we fill each other with up with new levels of hope, confidence,  joy and a renewed positive outlook on life, providing ample amounts of fuel, ripe for Empowering our individual & collective creative Spirit. 
Empowerment comes in many forms. A good deed. A random act of kindness. The sharing of wisdom. A hug or a smile. It doesn't take much to Empower another. This project, by 9 Gifts of Gaia, is aimed at connecting people & communities around the world and impacting lives through the most simple act of Love; Empowerment.

If you 1) share this Indiegogo campaign on any social media with the #empoweritforward hashtag and 2) shoot us an email to with a screenshot or a link of where you shared it, we will not only enter you into a raffle for a free chance to win lots of Empowering prizes & perks throughout the campaign. We will also send you a free PDF digital download (as well as customized .jpg for social sharing) of our custom Empower It Forward cards!

Start spreading the message of unity & hope by Empowering others today!

Empower It Forward!!

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