Monday 19 January 2015

Transpicuous News Jan 18, 2015:Swiss Conflagaration, Smoking Subways, and Invasion Manuals

Welcome to this weeks Transpicuous News Report on Sunday January 18, 2015

This week we witnessed several major events in the realms of finance and politics.  Some were reported by the main stream media, some were spin doctored by the talking heads, and some.... were conspicuously absent from the western medias news reports.  ALL of these events are world shaking and huge indicators of what is actually happening, not only in the global economic arena, but the the political realms as well.

News I have been following this past week:

RTS and Transpicuous News

U.S. Officials Claim Credit for Stopping Another Terror Attack Created by the FBI

How Markets Behave Right Before They Crash: A look at the news for the past 24 hours

Lithuania "Invasion Manual": Notice given

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: VITAL READING

US to buy Russian Rockets: The $30,000 Toilet Seat

Harlie Hebdo update

US Subway Fires: Notice was given

News Articles:
NASA Mars Scientist dies in plane crash  russia greece food ban lifted if they leave EU
ISS crew locks down inside Russian sector after cooling system glitch
"It's Carnage": Swiss Kill Hedgefunds .... more to come!
Target closing all 133 stores after whiffing on Canadian market
Europe plunged into energy crisis as Russia cuts off gas supply via Ukraine
Russia to Shift Ukraine Gas Transit to Turkey as EU Cries Foul
Exclusive: Goldman writedown of Portugal loan hurts profit, bonuses
Switzerland Ambushes the Global Economy
Swiss mess could make oil plunge seem like minor hiccup
Swiss National Bank Shocks the World 
Sleepy Switzerland jolts currency markets
FRANCOGEDDON: SWITZERLAND’S SMI INDEX -13%. Major losses in EURCHF trades are causing panic selling and deleveraging across the board!
‘Global War I: geopolitical battle where oil is key’
Greek banks make requests for ELA funding
us to buy russina rockets
russian and pakistan
russian and venezuela
America Is Open for Business in Iraq (Psst ... Wanna Buy an M1 Tank?)
At Davos 2015 the Hottest Emerging Market is Spelled U-S-A
Antiterrorist operations in Belgium over — Foreign Minister.
russia monaco
belgium terror plot1
belgium anti terror bbc updates
belgium and german anti terrorist
Largest Retail FX Broker Stock Crashes 90% As Swiss Contagion Spreads
Deutsche, Interactive Brokers, Barclays Lost Hundreds Of Millions Due To Swiss Franc Volatility

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