Friday 23 January 2015

Transpicuous News Report Wed Jan 21: Soon... 3 reports a week

Good morning everyone!  Sorry for the delay- there were technical issues with coding to be dealt with- but here is the recording of Wednesday Nights Transpicuous News Report, and of course all of the links of the news stories that I was following earlier this week.

To give you a schedule update:  At this point Transpicuous News will be broadcasting live stream on CCN and TONE every week at:

Sunday Nights at 9:00pm GMT

Wednesday Nights at 11:00 GMT

..... and we will most like begin a third weekly show on Friday nights .... I am working on confirming the timing right now.

If you miss the actual LIVE stream of the news reports, you can still watch it later on as the CCN Live Stream broadcasting acts as a "PVR".  Go to the Live stream  window and expand it to full screen.  At the bottom of the window is the Live stream cursor (just like at the bottom of a Youtube video window that shows your progress of the recording).  You can pull the "cursor" backwards to the time in the feed when Transpicuous News is going out, and can watch the feed from that point.  The "PVR" aspect is only available for that day, as each day the Live Stream is reset.

UPI twitter hack claiming WWIII
Donetsk bombing in ukrain jan 18
US preparing for future cyber warfare: Documents
NORAD training over washington DC this week
NORAD training over DC
Mali government declares country Ebola-free
Stateless man's citizenship application delayed by lack of paperwork
Iranian general, son of ex-Hezbollah leader, killed in Israeli airstrike in Syria
wall street 50 thousand jobs cut
Denmark defends peg
IMF warns greece
police radar can see inside your home
LIberia ebola centres empty
Canadian soldiers fire on ISIS
50 thousand fired on wall st
EU starts EQ!
Germany is pissed about QE- 2014
world economy is worse than we thought- IMF in Davos
Germany's Unpaid Debt to Greece: Economist Albrecht Ritschl on WWII Reparations That Never Were
MasterCard, Russia’s National Payment System Sign Agreement on Processing
1700 jets fly to davos to discuss global warming
50,000 gallons of oil spilled in Yellowstone River; residents told not to drink water
Ukraine Claims Russian Forces At Border, Attack Conflict Zone; Russia Replies "Complete Rubbish"
germany repatriates gold...... or not?
colorado police- after marijuana legalization everything is just fine
china swiss deal
Fire kills cyber security expert

US UFO files
Internet race in space
Davos Live Coverage:
Boehner invites Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran,
bank of canada stunner
nigeria currency crash
Yemen President held prisoner at house
Japan Foreign ministers equates Kuril isle with Ukraine
SNB fall out list

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