Friday 23 January 2015

Empowering Health Updates: Jan 22

Good evening my friends.

A good friend of mine runs an alternative health discussion room that is over flowing with information on every subject about health.  From alternative treatments for diseases and sicknesses, healthy foods and nutritional information, the dangers of modern western Big Pharma, articles about various legal battles to do with Health, and many many more.  I've asked my friend JJ to allow me to publish all of this invaluable information so that it is easily accessible to those searching for answers.

So from now on, every few days I will put all of the links from his discussion room here on RTS.  Occasionally we may get doubles, or repostings, but I will endeavor to try to keep up with it all as best I can, lol.


Top 10 Herbs For Joint Pain:

30 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda:

13 Homemade Bread Recipes - Never Buy Bread Again:

Tutorial: Starting Your Own Herb Garden

Top 15 Potassium-Rich Foods:

Is Raw Honey The Ultimate Survival Food??

 Did you know pine trees can be used as food, medicine and survival equipment?

High fructose corn syrup, fructose, corn syrup - Poison by any other name

Cure sinus infections naturally using these herbs

Compound Derived From a Mushroom Lengthens Survival Time in Dogs With Cancer, Penn Vet Study Finds  

Are Mushrooms the Solution to the Worldwide Bee Colony Collapse?      

States Move to Deregulate Homemade Food in 2015:

Aspartame and Fibromyalgia‏
Dr. Greger reviews case reports of fibromyalgia chronic pain sufferers cured by removing the artificial sweetener aspartame (Nutrasweet) from their diets.                                                                                        

Never Lose a Vaccine Argument Again! Proof they cause Autism and Auto-immune Disease

Top 20 Best Foods for Your Brain:

Scientists Find Broccoli May Slow Down And Even Prevent Osteoarthritis:

Handy Kitchen Substitutions:

Fizzy Toilet Freshener Bombs DIY:

Vitamin D supplementation reduces need for respiratory support, study suggests

Vitamin C - fruits and vegetables with the highest concentrations (recipe)

Fructose causes reproductive problems, earlier death, study shows


How Heavy Metals Are Promoting Aging

Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu Shot?

AMAZING news - Scientists Have Discovered That Milk Thistle Has Remarkable "Triple Action" Against Skin Cancer:

6 Troubling Signs You Need More Water:

Black Cumin Seed Oil - The Most Powerful Oil In The World?

How To Make A Natural Bleach Alternative:

Is This The End Of Diet Soda? Huge Study Links Aspartame To Major Health Problems; Sales Drop...

14 Powerful Natural Remedies For A Sinus Infection:

Rehabilitating the Knee Naturally

6 Herbal Home Remedies To Treat Varicose Veins Naturally

Cancer as a Curable Metabolic Disease

25 Tips For Cleaning Naturally With Vinegar:

Make Your Own "Breathe Jar" For Sinus Congestion:

How To Concoct A Wonderful Juice For Urinary Tract Infection:

Aspartame Being Re-Branded As AminoSweet: The Next Chapter In Aspartame’s Dangerous History — Don’t Be Deceived

The Powerful Aspirin Alternative that Grows on Trees

Petco finally pulls all China-made pet treats from its stores after thousands of dogs die from chemical poisoning

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

5 Things That Happen if You Quit Sugar for Life

Big Pharma exec turned Whistleblower

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