Friday 13 March 2015

Don't Fall for the Distractions: Keep your Eyes on the Ball

Yes, the Wheels are definitely falling off the "ISIS PsyOp" bus right now!   As I wrote yesterday:

BREAKING NEWS: Turkey FM arrests SPY who aiding 3 UK girls into Syria

The Evidence Is Piling Up Rather Quickly Now, Isn't It?

As I have been covering on Transpicuous News, more and more Politicians and world leaders are calling out the US for what they are:  A Terrorist Organization.....

.....T'would seem that the US is trying to really stir up bullshit everywhere, aren't they?   Has the time finally arrived when the world turns its back on the US Bully Boy, and names them for what they actually are:  The Biggest Terrorist Organization On the Planet?.

The western media whores are stymied by what the hell they are suppose to report on now.  They can't report all the statements coming from all over the world that directly point to the US being involved in MULTIPLE government take overs and "terrorism" on a grand scale.  And yet, their silence has become such a deafening roar of empty rhetoric, that even the most mind-controlled, chemically emasculated, and neurotoxically blinded people in the general public are now questioning the "main stream" stories.

Hence, the "News" has been devoid of "News" for over a week now.   The Whitehouse is trying to redirect attention to Venezuela as the big bad boogieman, while the Republicans are trying to redirect attention to Iran as the big bad boogieman. 

"Look over there!  Look over there!!"

.... Look anywhere but right here in front of you!!  The US government is most likely only unified in one thing:  Keep the public distracted so that they don't start looking too closely at what is going on right in their own back yard. 

"Don't look at the US economy!!!  NO NO!  Look over there at the Ukraine!   Don't look at the US Debts and the Big Banks Collapsing!!  NO NO!  Look over there at ... ummmmmm.... Nigeria!   Wait!  No, don't look at Boko Haram.... Ummmmm.... Look at Turkey!  Oh wait!  No, don't look at Turkey....... ummmmm...... Hey how about them Kardashians!!!  And Kayne West!!!  Yea, Yea!  Look at them!"
Yes, the "US" (and it's pack mates)  are being taken down by the alternative media, and foreign governments, globally.  The reason I use the quotation marks "US", is because it's NOT the actual American's, but the controllers of the US government that are perpetuating this crime syndicate.  Just  as the controllers of the UK government are one and the same.   The Factions of the various "Cabals" are at war with each other.  This is seen clearly in the global "struggles", and the "us vs them" rhetoric that is played out continuously through the media and the "Political Dramas".

Something is definitely going on right now.  I have talked about this on Transpicuous News several times over the past few weeks.  We have underground (so to speak) movements in Washington DC that even the media is unable to fully hide from the public.  The recent "Story" (literally) about the two secret servicemen drunkenly crashing into the barricades of the Whitehouse on March 4th.... yet the "story" isn't made public until March 11th?  And on March 6th, the Lockdown of the Whitehouse on the very questionable happenings of a vendor cart fire AND a "suspicious car" sniffed by a K9 bomb sniffer.  The CIA "Lockdown" absolutely happened (and not for the reasons that the media gave, lol), and the "oil tanker train derailment/explosion" that happened almost at the exact same time, wasn't an "oil tanker train derailment/explosion".  I have had three different people who are ex military confirm that the videos of the explosion showed a detonation of heavy munitions, NOT an "oil explosion".   I also received reports of an "Incident" in the Whitehouse just prior to this, that involved a "clean up crew". And remember the  "Smoke" in subways that perfectly triangulate the Whitehouse?

Yes, the distraction game is really ramping up.  So it's up to us to stop ourselves from being distracted and keep our attention on where the ball is bouncing.  And it's bouncing a whole hell of a lot in Washington DC.  It's also bouncing very heavily in Iraq.  Connect those dots....

So remember my friends:   Be Alert.  Be Prepared.  And keep your eyes on the Ball.


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Wheels Fall Off the ISIS Psyop Forcing New Meme: Iran Nukes!

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Anyone paying attention to the tiresome 24/7 surreal ISIS psychological operation of the last six to eight months has probably noticed that with the recent bombshell revelations of ISIS working with Israel and the U.S. by the government of Iraq, the Western mainstream media has finally gone into retreat on the ISIS show.

All indications are that the ISIS theater finally ran into an inevitable brick wall. From ISIS supply chopper taken down in Iraq, to U.S./John McCain close buddy now leading ISIS in Libya, to U.S. and Israeli ISIS "advisors" being arrested in Iraq.

The architects of this psyop never had a chance of convincing the entire public as many in the truth and liberty movement figured it out from the start. As a group, many of us around the world made a commitment to sharing truth and that commitment led to more ISIS operation lies being exposed to the general public.

Do your own random survey and try to appreciate how many people at least have heard the rumor that ISIS is a staged psyop working for the new world order not against it. The public scope of this awareness should not surprise you. That's because mainstream media really is dying and losing its influence on the general public. Conversely, that is because the alternative, independent or new media really is rising. More people are turning to independent alternative media to get their news. Alternative media has been all over the ISIS show exposing the oddities and coincidences that surround the ISIS theater, many which can no longer be ignored by the average person.

Who can stand any more of the ridiculous ISIS sideshow anyhow? It all came about when our U.S. government and its Middle East new world order allies all decided to overplay the ISIS psyop. CIA and Mossad Intelligence decided to move forward with the over-the-top script we've all been subject to for months, portraying ISIS as invincible warriors. ISIS from the start was portrayed as self-created masterful military fighters capable of outsmarting all global counterintelligence efforts against it with ease and precision. Only ISIS could take on multiple countries in battle, make promotional propaganda videos all over the Internet, recruit new soldiers in countries all over the world, tease the U.S. and its supposed enemies with threatening videos of their crimes, steal massive military weapons cache, overpower over 30,000 Iraqi soldiers in Mosul Iraq with just a few hundred fighters, and brag to the world how they are winning. All the while evading all forms of surveillance, spying, tracking, generating their endless top secret untraceable supply of food, water, ammo and toiletries and maintaining endless sources of super secret and untraceable funding and banking.

Pretty soon, to those fully awakened to the new world order plans, the ISIS psyop theater became just that, a daily theater of lies all designed to provide the backdrop for further U.S. intervention in the Middle East. All of this would turn out to be exactly outlined in General Wesley Clark's "7 countries in 5 years" PNAC invasion plans exposed years ago.

With these new revelations by the government of Iraq that the U.S. and Israel are squarely behind the ISIS psyop the world is poised to move forward in a new direction regarding ISIS. The mainstream media on the other hand had no choice but to start changing the ISIS narrative ever so slightly.

Western media responded by now admitting there could be a chink in the armor for the super-powered formerly indestructible ISIS. One MSN article headline reads "Islamic State Frays From Within" intended to suggest that perhaps ISIS is human after all. The article goes on to suggest that ISIS is infighting, a problem posing a threat the super-human group:
The bigger threat to the Islamic State’s capacity to endure, however, may come from within, as its grandiose promises collide with realities on the ground, said Lina Khatib, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut.

“The key challenge facing ISIS right now is more internal than external,” she said, using another term for the group. “We’re seeing basically a failure of the central tenet of ISIS ideology, which is to unify people of different origins under the caliphate. This is not working on the ground. It is making them less effective in governing and less effective in military operations.”

Most striking are the growing signs of friction between the foreigners lured by its state-building experiment and local recruits, who have grown resentful of the preferential treatment meted out to the expatriates, including higher salaries and better living conditions.

Foreign fighters get to live in the cities, where coalition airstrikes are relatively rare because of the risk of civilian casualties, while Syrian fighters are required to serve in rural outposts more vulnerable to attacks, said an activist who opposes the Islamic State and lives in the town of Abu Kamal on Syria’s border with Iraq, speaking on the condition of anonymity.
Careful to maintain the psyop, Western media reports how ISIS' only threat comes from within not the supposed battery of nations trying to defeat it. That, apparently is still the easy part. In other words the MSN article tries to maintain the ISIS psyop claiming ISIS has not been scratched from the outside. Their surreal power and invincibility despite some minor setbacks are supposedly intact.

The dilemma mainstream media faces is how to get out from under its own lies and exaggerations. They've even resorted to new secondhand stories in a desperate attempt to reinforce some of the previous fake beheadings and spoof videos they now have characters claiming to have witnessed the beheading. Logic tells us if you provide solid evidence of the event to begin with, you wouldn't need after-the-fact witnesses popping up much later.

Isn't it strange as a whole to put out a story in a desperate attempt just to prove a previous story was really not a lie? Doesn't this sudden witness emerging attempt remind us of the "I shot Bin Laden" psyop of 2014 where a supposed Navy SEAL suddenly stepped into the media limelight claiming he shot Bin Laden dead in 2011? These staged appearances of witnesses long after the event has passed seem to have a pattern, and it appears we've seen this script before. This is not to say the mass beheading didn't happen, just pointing out the similarity in the scripts, the usual exaggerated attempt to convince the audience with a staged witness who could easily be lying, and the usual lack of hard evidence to back up the claim.

So, again, with the recent ongoing breaking news coming out of Iraq of the U.S. and Israel caught once and for all with their hands in the cookie jar supporting ISIS, Western media had no choice but to not only slow down on the ISIS psyop coverage but to actually manufacture the next huge pro-war propaganda meme. One that serves the exact same purpose consistent with the PNAC plans and the now famous "7 countries in 5 years" plan. Enter the Iran nuclear weapons part 2 psyop.

This is what aggressive and relentless empires do when they thirst for power. They accept a setback, they regroup and go for another target. Ever since the ISIS psyop took a death blow in Iraq the Western mainstream media mouthpiece is now well into the new meme. The meme was set up nicely by having Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu come all the way out to the U.S. and take over our Congress as if he was part of Congress.

The Netanyahu speech theater was quietly one of the most awkward and bizarre moments in American history IMO. When has a prime minister of another country ever taken over our Congress?? Following this bizarre takeover where Netanyahu received over 100+ uncharacteristic standing ovations, the Western media went to work on the new post-ISIS meme:

--- 'Iran is a threat to Israel, the world is going end unless we (the world) stop Iran. Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Stop Iran now. It's too late, lets give them nuclear weapons (so that we can use these against them later when we destroy them). Let's save the world from Iran, Iran is the new boogie monster' ---

The funny thing is that aside from the brainwashed "pro-Israel" zombies -- that is the pro-Zionist crowd that naively believe the Godzilla-sized lie that Zionism=Judaism and that current day Israel is equivalent to the biblical Israel -- aside from this crowd, and aside from the Western mainstream media-believing zombies, it doesn't seem like anyone else on the planet is going for this latest round of "Iran is the new boogie monster that needs to be attacked to save Israel."

The fact of the matter is that the Western pro-war, Middle East takeover script is old. The world is tired of their script and humanity wants to dump it like a bad tooth ache. Netanyahu now IMO symbolizes everything that is wrong with humanity. The "wage war in the name of defending Israel and fighting terror" meme is old and mentally tiring. Especially when we know this is the very same terrorism created and funded by Israel and the U.S.
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