Friday 27 March 2015

CERN WATCH: Extra Dimensions and Gravity's Rainbow

With all the discussion that is ongoing (and seriously picking up speed now) about CERN and their next big experiment, I found this video to be VERY interesting.   Yes, when I got into the "woo woo" stuff in the special report I put out Wednesday night on Transpicuous News, that dug into the other side of CERNs activities, and the secret agenda(s), I definitely got some comments like the ones in this video: to keep to just science and get rid of the religious, "New Age" "woo woo" stuff.... but as this video points out:  This IS science- by their very own definition.

If you missed my special report on the Germanwing Plane crash in the Alps and the CERN equation, I've embedded the video below.


Image result for extra dimensions gravities rainbow

Published on Mar 20, 2015
More evidence that it’s not just religious talk that LHC and CERN are trying to open gateways into different dimensions...and they're so happy about it, they are dancing!

Thank you for all the people who emailed me with the link to this article.


Happy Dance at CERN

IFL Science Article

Science Direct Paper

Transpicuous News Special Report: Crashing Planes and the CERN Equation

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