Friday 27 March 2015

DC's Latest Attempt to Torch the Peace Process

This is one of the best articles I have read all week!!  Factual, Funny, and sarcastically biting in it's rendering of the Facts.  I truly appreciate the art of the terminally sarcastic- being terminally sarcastic myself.   If you read only one article this month about the US and Ukraine puppet show, this definitely should be the one that you read.


Washington’s Latest Attempt to Torch the Peace Process

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Seeking Whom They May Devour
There’s alot of wisdom in the old phrase, “Don’t go burning bridges!”, isn’t there?
Life, after all, is made richer and simpler by good, old-fashioned human interaction!  Those who go about their lives, building bridges, and finding solutions and common ground, will be truly blessed. It’s not hard to see why, either.
I mean, since there is naturally so much division and hurt in our world, it just stands to reason that anyone who discovers how to go about making new connections, breakthroughs, friendships, or treaties where possible, ends up doing both themselves, and everyone else, a huge favor in the end.  We all love being around those types of people, don’t we?
And then, on the other hand, there’s these guys!

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite lightning rod for conflict!  This batch of winners are not happy lately, and I’m sure by now that most of y’all know why.
DC and London, the homes of the Banking Dragon, have earned such hate, such scorn, and such ill-repute, due to the manner in which they’ve treated both enemy and “friend”, that the entire world is now starting to abandon them on the diplomatic scene.
The Banking Dragon has always and only thrived at the direct expense of others, it simply doesn’t know how to live in peace.  In fact, peace is the 4-letter word that will make nearly any elected representative on Capitol Hill break out in cold sweats!
And that’s a problem too, because ever since the “Minsk 2″ peace talks occurred several months ago, against all odds, peace has started to break out in Ukraine!
As irregular as it is, as flawed as it is, the Novorossiyans there(according to the OSCE) have still managed to withdraw virtually all its heavy artillery from the front lines, and have complied with the Minsk agreement!  Of course, this hasn’t stopped Kiev from violating most of the provisions during the entirety of the process, but peace has still been on the verge of breaking out!
Since the Banking Dragon was the one to start this war to begin with...something had to be done, before all that hard work for the banksters went up in smoke!  After all, nothing mucks up a bankster’s plans better than peace!
Believe me when I say that Washington, bless their little, old hearts, has tried everything to re-ignite the conflict!
They’ve tried parading US tanks literally 1,000 feet from Russia’s border, in Estonia (just a mind-boggling 60 miles from downtown St. Petersburg)!  Genius!

They’ve tried sending 100 US tanks to Latvia, replete with joint-military mortar drills in the forest…ya know, to really show those random pine trees who’s boss!

Why, these “heroes” have even tried shelling defenseless Donbass civilians for the 1000th time(knowing full well that the rebels, who’ve complied with the Minsk agreements, have pulled their artillery back, and cannot return fire).
Bridge 11
Amazingly though, no matter how loudly they scream and kick up dust, now matter how hard they stomp their feet, or how many trees they blow up in the wilderness…they keep getting the same response from Moscow!

LOL!  Remarkable!  It almost answers the age-old question: what if politicians wanted a war, but no one showed up to fight it?
Russia and Novorossiya have doggedly refused to take the bait, and have remained staunchly non-aggressive since the conclusion of the Minsk talks.
Give War a Chance!

The Minsk agreement has currently stopped much(though not all) of the shelling of Donbass civilians, as well as the escalation of conflict.  It’s been working fairly well, albeit temporarily.
In fact, DC has grown so nervous, so desperate to stop peace in the region, that it has done the thing that most all of Europe has directly opposed.
Despite staunch opposition from Germany and France, in giving lethal aid to Ukraine, and despite repeated warnings from the Kremlin against any outsiders disrupting the Minsk agreement by arming the current Kiev regime in Ukraine…
DC has taken the plunge, and done the one thing Germany and France specifically asked them not to do:

US House votes to provide lethal aid to Ukraine

For the sake of sanity, you’d have hoped that such a vote would’ve at least been close, but it wasn’t. In fact, with the final tally at 348 yay, and 48 yay, it was almost unanimous, with airhead, House member(and lead co-sponsor of the bill) Eliot Engel emphatically stating:
“Policy like this should not be partisan…That is why we are rising today as Democrats and Republicans, really as Americans, to say enough is enough in Ukraine.”
Beautiful, isn’t it?  These totally wicked baffoons are proud to stand up and tell the world: lest anyone forget, nothing brings Americans together, quite like the prospect of starting another war against folks who’ve never done a thing to us!
Now, Moscow has quickly responded by saying that providing such weaponry would lead to an “explosive situation”.  Of course it would.
To DC, that’s the entire point, isn’t it?
Contrary to what creeps like Mr. Engel admit, Washington would be thrilled if the situation became less peaceful, and more “explosive”.  Against common sense, and against their allies’ wishes, they’ve voted to arm Kiev(and indeed, may already be arming them).
Striking Parallels
The reason I’m bringing this up though, is to ask a key question:
Given the utter, chronic, belligerent disdain that DC shows her “allies”, like France or Germany in matters such as this….
Is it any wonder that countries like France and Germany were so quick to “switch sides” on the AIIB issue?
Is it any wonder why DC loses a chess piece every time they make a move now?
Is it any wonder their strategy of “isolating their enemies” has completely backfired?
You can’t win a war by yourself, you need friends, and DC has no real friends, because DC has never proven themselves truly friendly to anyone in my lifetime.
Do you see what I mean about the Banking Dragon being an expert at “burning bridges”?  Those who run Washington treat their “allies” and enemies with eerily similar contempt.
That is exactly why Washington’s losing this epic struggle: it isn’t simply because they’re broke, and folks can see the writing on the wall…that’s only part of the reason the world is leaving them behind.
Washington’s losing, because they’ve burned every bridge they’ve ever crossed.  They’ve treated their friends like dirt.  They’ve unilaterally done whatever they wanted, and have shown they only care about themselves, and not their friends at all.
They’re losing the war, because they foster fear and loathing, instead of respect and love, and all its puppet states act exactly the same manner.
Take for instance, the IMF-funded, Ukraine regime, which has become quite an ugly political creature, as it sinks into a bottomless squalor of bankruptcy and despondency.  Day by day, it has shown the world the contempt for which they hold the Donbass people.
First, Ukraine recently turned off all natural gas shipments to the Donbass in the dead of winter(burning a bridge)……
Which forced Russia to step in, and supply what gas they could(building a new bridge).  Remember, these are the people who Kiev says it has lawful jurisdiction over, and yet….they cut off life-giving gas supplies to several million people in sub-zero temperatures!
Just like that!
Next, I offer this amusing example.  Kiev, now terrified of a renewed assault from the Novorossiyans, is spitefully destroying as much infrastructure in the Donbass as possible. In fact, check out this headline…

Kiev forces claim responsibility for blowing up bridge on disengagement line with LPR

Bridge 1

Ahhh, and I bet you thought I was only making a metaphor with this “burning bridges” approach! No, amusingly this is now also a literal truth.  Kiev is mimicking its Master, who only knows of such strategies.
In fact, I want to show you something…

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