Meeting of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada
Seven pro-Russian politicians died in the Ukraine — followers of Ex-president Janukowitsch. The Media is silent. According to the police it was “suicide” What a difference (this is) to Boris Nemzow: The murder of the Putin critic creates an international outcry. The media follows the clearing up in minute detail. In the meantime a US military analyst explains how to win in the Ukraine: “Let us kill Putin’s people” Is this a coincidence?

Suicides: again and again there are bloody suicides. First we have the flight of Ex-president Janukowitch in February 2014. Then his “Party of the Regions” loses power and office (position). Now pro-Russian politicians die — officially “of their own free will” However this is happening too often to be a coincidence, especially in the civil war-torn Ukraine. Since Kiev, a pro-Western government has been in power; the land is sinking into a proxy war between the US and Russia. The suicides are clearly the latest chapter. It is the cold revenge of the Poroschenko Administration on the old eastern Ukrainian elites?
On March 12 the police found Alexander Pekluschenko dead in his house – shot. According to the files it was a suicide. However the neck shot is unusual. Pekluschenko was Governor of the East Ukrainian region Saporischschja and officer of the “Regions” Party till 2014. The courts were investigating him because he dissolved the pro-Western Demonstrations in Saporischschja.

“A Series of Deaths…under Mysterious Circumstances”
The ex-governor is the most recent (death) for the moment. The list of deaths is long: This (last) week the “Regions” officer Stanislaw Melnik shoots himself in the bathroom of his home. On February 28 Michael Tschechetow “throws himself” out of the 17th floor of his highrise. He was also an officer of the Party and worked for Janukowitsch in the Parliament. He was also under pressure from the courts. He also limited the freedom of the Press and the “Right to Gather”, by law, during the Kiew Maidan Place demonstrations.
The number of “suicides” is even suspect for the British BBC. They presented the events in a quick list and wrote about a “series of deaths” under the (title) “Allies of the deposed President Viktor Janukowitsch”. The old elites died under “mysterious circumstances”. No background information was given. It can be obviously stated in two words, “Political Cleansing”

“Suicide” in the Ukraine: The Law of Coincidence
There cannot be as much coincidence as is happening in the Ukrainian “suicides” Serhiy Walter, Mayor of Melitopol, hangs himself on February 25. He is also a man from the “Regions” Party. Again he was being investigated by the courts. One day later the Vice-Police Chief of Melitopol is dead. Lleksandr Bordyuh lies dead in his garage. The cause of death according to the police is “Hypertensive Crisis” This can occur during panic attacks or fear of death.
On January 29 Oleksiy Kolesnyk hangs himself. He was an ex high ranking regional politician in Charkow. Mykola Serhiyenko supposedly “shoots” himself on January 26 with his own hunting rifle. He supposedly dies in his own apartment, again without witnesses.

The Pattern behind it: Political Cleansing
All of them come from the old circle of power, all of them lost their office in the Kiew Overthrow. All of them had problems with the new court; all of them are no longer living. Actually this should all be the perfect food for journalists.
The pattern is clear, also the motive for the possible criminals: old accounts that were still open. The pro-Western Government in Kiew is literally starving the East of the country.
Civil supplies are non-existent. President Poroschenko is begging in Washington for arms and wants to escalate war over the whole of Europe.
US mercenaries and extreme right militia are fighting because the frustrated armies of surrounded cities like Debalzewe are fleeing.
Isn’t it fitting for this government to use the truce to cleanse the land of the remaining pro-Russian Janukowitch elite?

Europe in a Dilemma: What are they Actually Supporting?
All of this is the sign of an autocratic Power-Clique that doesn’t want a democratic dialogue but rather the destruction of its opposition. But this does not fit in with the Euro-Maidan picture in the Western Media. In this “Legend” the people got onto the barricades to drive away the oligarchs.
They (oligarchs) are still there but the new Government is “imitating” Western Democracy. The “suicides” prove that this is obviously a lie. Nothing is better after the “Revolution”, only worse – the moral collapse of a country.
The Ukraine (stands) at the edge of the precipice. This theme has political explosive power. However this is overlooked by the media. Why? — firstly because Europe is forced into a moral dilemma. “What are we actually supporting?” Secondly it betrays the failure of European politics: Whose fault is the collapse of the Ukraine on all levels? — Europe, the US, Russia or the Ukraine itself? Are we doing the right thing or simply closing our eyes? These are uncomfortable questions. Saying nothing is easier. Whoever writes about this is risking something.

Why is the Media Remaining Silent?
As opposed to this issue nobody risks anything by writing about the murder of Boris Nemzow.
That issue goes along nicely with the widespread picture that the media is trying to create. The journalists take the open shock of Merkel, Hollande, Obama and Steinmeier as an easy path.
Till now no Chief of State is even remotely shocked by the “suicides” in the Ukraine. This shows how similar murders are treated differently by the Media.
One time they are treated with exuberance, without any restraint, with great emotion – the other time not at all. This shows also how far the Media in Germany has taken sides in this conflict.
Finally only one question is left: who has ordered these murders if we may speak of the (suicides) as murders? Do (the orders) come from the Kiew Government or the US secret services? Already at the Munich Security Conference the US announced their murderous strategy: “Putin’s blood-price must be driven ever higher”

The “Cleansing” Thwarts Putin’s Plans
This is the logic of the proxy-war in the Ukraine. Not only should soldiers be fighting. Also political cleansing, that looks like “suicide” add to the facts. The US wants Russia to be Geo-politically surrounded and for that they need a completely stable Ukraine.
Putin, after the weapons standstill, wants Autonomy in the East Ukraine, a little Ukraine or at least a buffer (region). However if all possible political Russia-friendly personnel die, then Kiew and the USA win in the end.
The US, on their irreconcilable course against Russia, want to drive a wedge between the European diplomatic reduction of tensions. For this purpose McCain, the speaker for the Republicans, continuously heats up the political climate. The (German) foreign minister Steinmeier “simply looked on while a European nation was cut into pieces for the first time in 70 years”.

“Let the Russians Return Home in Body Bags”
The military analyst Robert Scales brings it to the point on Fox News even more drastically. “The only way the USA has to turn the page (the situation) to their advantage is to begin to kill Russians. We must kill so many Russians that even Putin’s Media cannot hide this fact, so that Russians return to their homeland in body bags”
He is thinking here about the Russian Volunteers that presently fight with the rebels in Eastern Ukraine – but who draws moral lines in an escalating spiral of violence? The US are giving President Poroschenko a blank check. He should drive the blood toll for Putin as high as possible. Obviously he uses that (blank check) to take care of old debts. His Government is widening its power. However Russia has never in their history been frightened away by a “Blood Toll” He (Poroschenko) allows the proxy war to further escalate.
Author: Peter Harth
News Front Info March 16 – translated from German to English