Monday 16 March 2015

One People Roundtable Discussion: Lily Earth

Hey everyone!  Tonight We will be broadcasting The One People Roundtable Discussion, LIVE Stream on CCN at 9pm GMT, 5pm EST.

Tonight Lisa, Brian and I will be joined by Lily Earth, and hopefully another special guest who is especially knowledgeable on the subject of History.   Lily and I have recently had several conversations on several very timely topics of what is going on around the Earth right now, both physically and ..... non-physically, lol.  I think tonight's show will definitely be very interesting and one not to miss!

Watch the Show live on CCN:  

Or here on Removing the Shackles- just click on the CCN box on the right side of the page- don't forget to click "Play" and "Unmute" ;>) , and when you click on the full screen, you can move the cursor like a PVR/DVR and "rewind" the show if you've missed the original start time.

See you there!

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