Tuesday 17 March 2015

One people's Roundtable Discussion Archive vid: Lily Earth and Goz

Welcome to this weeks One People's Roundtable Discussion- this is the highly in demand video archive of last nights show.

On the Roundtable Discussion Monday night, Lisa, Brian and I talked to Lily Earth and Goz, and oh what an interesting conversation we had!!!!  The subjects discussed got rather deep at a few points and no doubt there will definitely be a second show very soon to answer all the questions that many people had.  I have to say that last nights show was definitely one of my most favorite show's we've done since moving over to CCN, and considering the amount of requests I've had today for a copy of the video, a LOT of people found the topics VERY VERY interesting.

Lily Earth can be found on facebook as: Lily Earthling, and Goz's facebook is: Gozaimasu Stone

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