Tuesday 17 March 2015

Transpicuous News, Sunday March 11th, 2015: Obama and Netanyahu loose their marbles

Welcome to Transpicuous New - Archive of the Sunday March 11th, 2015 Live Stream show.

Before you dig in, be prepared: it was a LONG show!  Get coffee and get comfy.... I get a little bit overly energetic and perhaps a bit overly sarcastic at a few points, lol.

Unfortunately, apparently the file containing all of the news links for this weeks show have somehow gotten corrupted, so there are no news links for Sunday's show.  Sorry folks- I have no idea what happened as the file was perfectly fine just yesterday.

As a side note, I will be Retiring the Transpicuous News Blogspot site as of today.  Doing the double postings and cross overs has become very tiring and time intensive.   So.... until the launch of the NEW RTS site (hint hint), all of the Transpicuous News shows will only be posted here on Removing the Shackles.


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