Tuesday 31 March 2015

DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve: Nature of our Reality through Words

I want to introduce you to my new favorite Show !!!

Last week Mel Ve debuted her new show on CCN called Dragonology.   If you have a love of history, mythology and etymology, you will absolutely LOVE this show.  Mel has been studying the historical and etymological aspects of various facets of Mythology- with a strong focus on DRAGONS.   The very basis of so many words in our English language (and many many other languages) are based on the dragon and serpent  themes, to the point of being mind blowing when you look at it closely.   Mel takes us on a journey that is truly amazing.  The programming of the very WORDS that we speak and their hidden meanings will blow your mind when you learn the truth about the nature of our reality.

I highly recommend that everyone watch DRAGONOLOGY EPISODE TWO, THURSDAY 2 APRIL 2015 9PM GMT on CCN LIVE Stream.

Watch it LIVE  here:

Below is last weeks first episode of DRAGONOLOGY, and the first two chapters of Mel's Video series called "Chasing the Dragon".


St Margerit and dragon


Avid researcher, author and film maker, Mel Ve, takes us on a journey though our hidden history, the origins of humanity, and the roots of our entire modern day CULTure.

This band new series on CCN, gives a whole new perspective on Mythology, which helps us to understand where we are now, and the true nature of the controlling mechanisms that perpetuate the harvesting and enslavement of humanity.

For those who want a little sneak preview into the upcoming series, take some time to watch PART ONE & PART TWO of Mel Ve’s series entitled CHASING THE DRAGON. *videos below*


This series takes one on a journey though mythology, art, sculpture, literature and etymology, to reveal the dragon interwoven into the fabric of our reality. Dragons are more than just mythological creatures, they have and do exist, as proven by the evidence presented in this documentary.

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