Friday 27 March 2015

One People Roundtable Discussion, Mar 23, 2015: Lily Earth and Mark Sargent

This past week's One People Roundtable Discussion was a real doozy!!  Lisa Harrison and I had the privilege of having a very lively and extremely interesting 3 hour conversation with Mark Sargent- whom Lisa interviewed two weeks ago about the Mother of all Conspiracy Theories: The Flat Earth, and the awesome Lily Earth joined us again.

This conversation was 3 hours long, but sped past at light speed for those of us participating.  We dug deep into the subjects of the "flat earth" theory, the Astral realms, the CERN equation, and really came up with some amazing brain storming, and tossing around new insights.

If you have not Watched Lisa's interview with Mark Sargent, I have included it below- I HIGHLY recommend it!  I'm not sold on the "flat earth" theory, but I have to say that the evidence is startling enough to forced me to rethink some old ideas, and the information shines a light on a WHOLE lotta stuff that is obviously been lies that we have been force fed by the Governments, Media, Scientists, and NASA et al.  Regardless of whether you think the idea of the earth actually being flat is insane.... watch the video(s), I guarantee that you'll learn something you didn't know before, or at the very least, see things in a new light that makes the conspiracies much much clearer.

Below Lisa's interview with Mark, I have also included Mark's guide to the flat earth - a quick 12 minute video that introduces the topic.  Mark has put together 11 different short videos that cover several aspects of his journey to question, and discovery.

If you missed the previous weeks Roundtable Discussion with Lily Earth and Goz, you can catch the archived video here:


Lisa M Harrison's interview with Mark Sargent

Mark Sargents short video: Guide to the FLAT EARTH

Published on Feb 10, 2015
Feel free to use these videos anywhere - Mark Sargent

An introductory guide to the Flat Earth movement,
starting with the Copernicus theory in 1514, false
confirmation in 1957, and the extraordinary lengths
that the world leaders have taken in order to keep
their power.

The world is FLAT, and this will help you see it.

Description reference links:

The USGS uses one of these maps, find it.

High altitude nuclear testing

The Flat Earth Society

Definition of the Firmament

Antarctic non colonization treaty

The United Nations Flag

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