Saturday 14 March 2015

Transpicuous News Midweek Report: March 8, 2015: When Airplanes and Helicopters Fall out of the Sky

Transpicuous News Midweek Report: March 8th, 2015.

For a week that was awfully quiet in the American Main Stream Media, there was a LOT of interesting things that were being reported in other areas of the world.  From SEVERAL aviation crashes and emergency landings that involved various government officials, to finger pointing, yet again at the ISIS/CIA connections.... very loudly spoken, yet not a word from the US media whores. Obama signed yet another Executive Order- this time naming Venezuela as a "Security Threat" against the US.... and tomorrow I'll tell you all about what happened after that!!

MAJOR NEWS is Breaking right now!  I will be dissecting a multitude of topics tomorrow night on Transpicuous News, LIVE stream on RTS and CCN, at 9pm GMT- 5pm EST.

There is no "News"... especially not out of Sudan

NEWS LINKS for this week:

 HSBC Just Shocked Clients By Announcing Closure Of All London Gold Vaults!

Iraqi forces expected to retake Tikrit within days

A Black Swan Lands In Southern Austria: The Ripple Effects Of "Mini-Greece Going Off In The Heartland Of Europe"

Iran supreme leader said to be in critical condition

Read more: Iran supreme leader said to be in critical condition | The Times of Israel

 As Khamenei's health falters, the race for Iran’s next supreme leader heats up

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, appears in public amid rumors about his health

The Ayatollah? Look, he's not sick, Iran says

Bombs Going Off Across America As Orchestrated Destruction Is Unleashed Upon Western Nations

SC National Guard Drills Door-to-Door ''Wellness Checks''

Narrow escape for Sudanese VP as plane crashes

Italian PM's helicopter makes emergency landing, no injuries reported

Trapped in bad weather: Punjab CM’s helicopter makes emergency landing

French reality TV cast members among 10 killed in Argentina helicopter crash

Obama: Venezuela regime is security threat

G.O.P. Senators’ Letter to Iran About Nuclear Deal Angers White House

White House, Senate Dems Trash GOP Letter To Iran

Trans-Afghan gas pipeline may become a reality, says India

​China's mega international payment system is ready, will launch this year - report

Wikipedia sues NSA, DoJ over mass surveillance

Dalai Lama and Chinese Communist Party in dispute over reincarnation

China slaps ban on reincarnation
Tibetan monks must seek permission for rebirth

Cuba gives its 'unconditional support' to Venezuela against US - See more at:

IG Audit: 6.5 Million People With Active Social Security Numbers Are 112 or Older

Spain suffers big economic losses due to Russia sanctions — foreign minister


US Sends Over 100 US Tanks, Armor To Latvia As Nuland "Confirms" Russia Delivering Weapons

US May Run Out Of Oil Storage Space As Soon As June

​Sweden ends arms deal with Saudi Arabia after human rights standoff

US refusal to send weapons to Ukraine gives peace a chance – top Russian MP

French Delete Evidence US Carrier Was 'Sunk' by Sub in Drill

Troops and hardware from 3rd Infantry Division heading to Eastern Europe

Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality

iraq parliament calls on CBI to save dinar|en&u=

Solar Impulse: Global flight completes first leg

Orbiting opera: Space tourist Sarah Brightman to sing Andrew Lloyd Webber on ISS

Warren Buffett Wants To Give You A Car Loan

Scientists suggest government should add psych meds to public drinking water

Lithium: Suppressing "Manic-Depressive" Overwhelm
and The Dangers of this Toxic Heavy Metal Substance

Berlusconi "bunga bunga" case acquittal confirmed

Ireland has mistakenly legalised ecstasy and ketamine for one day

Fox News analyst: ‘Start killing Russians’ to save Ukraine (VIDEO)

3,000 skeletons, many of them plague victims, must make way for new train site in London

Russia gets seat on SWIFT board

‘Rather be in prison than work for fascists’ – Crimean Prosecutor Poklonskaya

White House Cannot Confirm Reports on US Advisors Allegedly Aiding ISIL

Read more:

I-94 closed around Wyoming exit after tanker explodes

woman killed sandy nook and at boston bombing

NYPD commissioner blames legal marijuana in Colorado for increase in New York shootings

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