Friday 5 June 2015

Welcome to... Our Gaia's Gardens

I would like to introduce you to Our Gaia's Gardens.  This is our new business that we have created here in Morocco.  We've been working for months to get it all set up, and now... we are about to launch!

I have been a healer and have been using Aromatherapy for almost 25 years.  I have created and perfected many recipes over the past 2 decades and have been waiting for the time when I would be able to bring them out to the world.   Morocco has been a dream location for me to discover, because it may be one of the last bastions of GMO free lands, where local farmers are still doing what they do best: Growing and Caring for the land.

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I will be using Removing the Shackles to blatantly promote all of our new products- so I'll definitely be keeping you all informed of our latest launches and products and promotions.  You can visit Our Gaia's Gardens by clicking the ad on the left side of the page at any time.

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Welcome to Our Gaia's Gardens

While true Beauty comes from within each and everyone of us, Our Gaia's Gardens provides every thing we need to bring that glow out for the world to see.  We have searched the globe to bring you the most pure, natural essences of all that She grows for us.  Every Single Oil, Essence, Mineral, Herb and Clay that we use has been verified to be 100% PURE: No additives, No chemicals, No toxins, No perfumes, and NO Fillers.  We stand our reputation on providing only the very best that this garden we live in has to offer.

Our Gaia's Gardens is a company that was created through the vision of our "Family". 

We have traveled and lived all over the world,  meeting amazing people along the way who've become our true family.  We all share a common vision:  To change the world.  To BE the Change that changes the world- from the ground up.

This vision pulled us together to work towards creating something that we can be proud of.  To create a new company, with a business structure that we can stand firmly behind and say "Yes, we are doing things differently.  We are doing things fairly.  We are doing things that WILL change the world."   Through our vision we are supporting our families and our communities. We are spreading this vision across this Globe that is Gaia's Garden, to share our theory that we can all work together, prosper together, and be happy with our accomplishments together, without the Capitalistic, Consumeristic, Cut throat Corporate Competition & Cozening that is the main stream business model of today's world.

We come from backgrounds that are diverse and expansive in experience.  We work in Media & Political Advocacy/Activism.  We are Inventors.  We are Healers.  We are Teachers. We are Story Tellers,  We are Guardians of Truth.  We are Protectors of Life.  We live in our Gaia's Gardens, and we are Family.

We are based in Morocco and have been privileged to work with an amazing group of people.  In every way possible, we have striven to stay away from "middlemen", large Consumer Corporations and Distribution Companies.  We have sought out individual farmers and small producers of exceptional essences, oils, clays and extracts.  We have developed a business paradigm that sees the "small guy" get paid for their hard work and energy, so that we can offer superior products that are not only good for you, they are good for everyone who has been involved, from beginning to end.  Not only will our products make you feel good on the outside, they will make you feel good on the inside, in knowing that you are supporting independent producers, and helping to create change.

Our aim is for full transparency in everything we do.   We want you to KNOW that we are working WITH the people.

It is our greatest dream that we will be able to expand our line of products monthly, and be able to create new opportunities for others to benefit from the work we are doing. 

Our Very First Product Launch: Argan Oil

Argan oil is pressed from the nuts of the argan tree, a long-lived, drought-tolerant species that grows only in Morocco.  Argan trees are the "Curtain of the Desert" on the edge of the Sahara.  Though a long kept secret of the Berber Tribes, Argan oil is now achieving world acclaim for its incredible medicinal and cosmetic properties. 

Argan is a "Super Food" for your skin, containing  natural antioxidants for the prevention of premature aging.  More than that, it smooths all skin types through its super hydration, defending and healing the skin from premature aging and dehydration. 

Called "Liquid Gold", Argan oil has become highly sought after around the world.  This has lead to an instant reaction by mass production consumer corporations, that have been riding the wave of Argan Oils rise to Super Stardom by slapping a label on just about any product they can with the name "Argan Oil".  The sad truth is that 99% of skin and hair care products on the market proclaiming to contain Argan, use amounts so infinitesimally small, and are so polluted with toxic chemicals, than any benefit is lost.  Our Gaia's Gardens Argan Oil is 100% PURE, 100% cold pressed without the use of any chemical solvents or heating (which destroys the healing properties of the oil), and 100% Undiluted & Untainted, with no added FILLERS.

We have all the various Government(s) Certifications of "pureness" and "organic" quality, but more importantly, we have inspected and chosen our oils with extreme care and highest standards possible: 

Our own.  

This is the oil that our family uses, on ourselves and our children.

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