Thursday 18 June 2015

Global Projects Review of Legal, Lawful, Language and Legitimacy

On Tuesday night, I was invited to take part in the Global Projects Review Show on CCN.  The topic on the table for Tuesday was the ITNJ- International Tribunal for Natural Justice, with specific focus on the ITNJ Treaty.

This is the archive video of the almost 3 hour long show from Tuesday night.

Mel Ve and I were joined by several very knowledgeable people in the area's of "law" and "Trusts".  Gary David, who has been on the One Peoples Roundtable Discussion with Lisa and I, spent a huge amount of time reviewing the ITNJ documents with us over the past week. We were also joined by Deb, who has extensive experience in the field of Trusts, and by Arthur Koberinski, who has collected the most vast amount of knowledge about law, in all it's forms- probably surpassing most lawyers in scope and depth.

While the show delved into looking at the ITNJ treaty, the actual focus of the show ranged into multiple levels of  Legal & Lawful, with a in depth look at the language used in contracts, trusts, and treaties, the "hooks" that are used to entrap people in these type of documents, and the deliberate twisting of language to confuse.  For anyone that is currently working on cases in the court system(s), or setting up their own Trust, etc. the Global Projects Review Show Video is a MUST WATCH. A huge amount of knowledge was shared in this three hour video that addresses all aspects of the court systems, "legal" systems, and the pitfalls embedded in contracts/trusts/treaties/constitutions.  Legalese is a language that many times requires a translator!!

I can guarantee that we will be gathering up this group again, sometime in the near future to continue this amazing conversation.

love d

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