Sunday 7 June 2015

Transpicuous News: No Weekend Update Tonight

Good morning my friends.

I am letting everyone know that there will not be a Transpicuous News Weekend Report tonight.  The next TN report will be Wednesday June 10th- and there is a strong possibility that Next Sunday's Weekend report may also be cancelled.

I'm sorry my friends, I have a LOT on my plate at the moment and I have had to make a choice of where to put my energy and attention right now, as there is only so much that I can do in a day.  We are Launching Our Gaia's Garden this week, and I am  working on getting things ready for the launch of The Untangled Gathering this month, on June 27th.  (More on that later today).

For the next two weeks I am  reducing the Transpicuous News Reports to once a week, on Wednesday evenings at 11pm BDT/ 6pm EDT.

On Monday night at 11pm BDT/6pmEDT The One People's Roundtable Discussion will go on at it's usual time, on CCN.

thanx my friends

love d

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