Monday 29 June 2015

The Roundtabl Discussion: Tonight - BREAKING NEWS

Well my friends, I wasn't suppose to be on the One People Roundtable Discussion tonight....   I am moving tomorrow so I cancelled all shows this week for me..... but you just can't stop news from happening apparently.

"Black Monday" is underway.... though they are trying to hide it as best they can and spin doctor it as "all Greece's fault".   BUT the biggest news came this afternoon when someone I haven't spoken to in almost two years just happened to send me a link to something that had a bunch of people baffled.  As soon as I saw it, I immediately got what it meant and called in the legal research team.

Tonight on the Roundtable Discussion Lisa and I will be joined by Mel Ve and perhaps a few other special guests, and we will lay out the WHOLE thing.   The vatican?  Yea....... they're up to tricks again.  Only this time, it's even bigger.

So please join us on the One People Roundtable Discussion LIVE on CCN at 11pm BDT- 6pm EDT

You can also watch the stream LIVE here on Removing the Shackles, or  join us in the chat room on Lisa's website:

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