Sunday 7 June 2015

US "Total Army": Contractors, Survival Kits, Deep Base Bunkers.....?

I have had a hard time swallowing the seemingly majority opinion that Jade Helm is a "martial law" take over.  It really just doesn't resonate with me.  BUT I cannot deny that the creation of Jade Helm as an "exercise" is highly dubious.  That there is an underlying reason for this military "exercise" is a 100% certainty, but the question remains:  WHY?

As you know, I keep a close eye on earth movements and solar activity.  While Sol hasn't been quite as volatile as we expected it would be, the Earth is more than making up for the lack of solar dance extravaganzas.  Earthquakes and Volcano eruptions are getting wilder and wilder with new land masses appearing in some places, while land is seemingly disappearing in others, in the form of massive sink holes.

Beyond the physical moving and shaking of our planet, our weather patterns have radically shifted as well.... and I ain't talkin' about "Global Warming" either.  Hail storms smashing  countries in unexpected places, torrential floods, droughts, heat waves are killing people by the thousands... in seasons where there shouldn't BE heat waves.

The main stream media is keeping mum on all of this.  Oh we get the occasional article asking quasi-real questions, that are quickly answered by a chorus of off key "Global Warming" chants, that do not answer anything.  To me, the screaming silence of the media is one of the biggest warning signs that something is very definitely not right.

Call this article homework if you will.....  the prequel so to speak.

Wednesday night I will be doing a Transpicuous News Special Report to take a closer look at Jade Helm, Freaky Friday Weather, and the media's obvious trumpeting of impending World War....  It's time to put all the cards on the table folks.

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We have a lot to talk about my friends.


Army Corps of Engineers seeking ‘civilian workers’ ahead of ‘impending national disaster’?



By Shepard Ambellas
KENNEWICK, Wash. (INTELLIHUB) — A tip was sent to me by a reader via email Saturday documenting out how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now soliciting civilian workers for “maintenance” positions ahead of what appears to be an upcoming and potentially ‘imminent event’ of some type.
Shockingly as listed in the solicitation numbered “NCFL156545791382984S” which is posted at the Army Corps of Engineers is literally calling upon skilled individuals amongst the civilian population in search of potential prospects rather than using already active Army personnel.
The “job summary” section of the solicitation strokes the prospect’s ego, reading:
“Civilian employees serve a vital role in supporting the Army’s mission. They provide the skills that are not readily available in the military, but crucial to support military operations. The Army integrates the talents and skills of its military and civilian members to form a Total Army.”
It’s also important to note that the position may extend up to “four years” and that “employees” will be required to respond to “disaster stricken areas of the US”.
Did I miss something?
Disaster stricken areas of the U.S., WTF does that mean?
Does the U.S. Government know something that they have not yet told the general public?
Is there an impending disaster looming such as the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano or possibly a predestined asteroid impact which rumor has may be coming in September? After reading a potion of the solicitation’s “about” section  you may be asking these very questions too. It reads:
“Employees occupying these positions will provide emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US. Employees must pass a stringent medical screening and be prepared to live and work in extremely austere conditions. Work schedule will initially be arduous, with much overtime. Sleeping arrangements may be limited to using a sleeping bag or in the vehicle used to move from location to location. The duty station for pay purposes for these positions is Kennewick, WA with possible 75% or Greater Business Travel in various locations throughout the US.”
Additionally it’s important to point out that “Kenniwick, WA” is only the “duty station for pay purposes”, signifying that employees who have accepted the position can end up anywhere throughout the U.S. as “75%” of the job is listed as “travel”.

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