Friday 26 June 2015

The Untangled Gathering: The Origins, All Day Conference

The world we live in is tangled in a sticky web, binding our past with lies and shackling our present in an elaborately convoluted deception.  

Once the strands of this web are seen, we begin the arduous task of untangling the fabrications that binds us, untwisting the knots that were meant to hold us under control. Each fibre of deception that is removed reveals the next layer of what isn't, and never was. 

The Untangled Gathering:  The Origins   June 27, 2015  

12noon BDT (London)  till 12 midnight BDT, LIVE Stream Broadcast on CCN- The Conscious Consumer Network

The Untangled Gathering is a conference where we bring together people from all over this planet, to share their story of unravelling the matrix.  We will look down the avenues of hidden history, tear the bindings off of science, revealing political corruption, financial despotism, and illegal laws.  We come together to dig down through the layers of lies that have been woven into our very existence.

History is written by the victor, yet who is the victor that has been writing our history?

Our history has been hidden under layers of lies and deception, from the earliest ages of our past.  Without uncovering the beginning, we can not begin to truly comprehend our present. So we return to the beginning and unravel that which has been knotted, and buried in the sands of time.

Our very first Untangled Gathering will dig into the distant past of our ancestors,  pulling together the pieces of the grand puzzle of our beginnings. The Untangled Gathering is an online conference that will be broadcast  LIVE stream on CCN- The Conscious Consumer Network.  We have invited researchers from all over the world, to discuss the ancient cultures of Earth and to share their knowledge of our past.

We Invite you to join us for this major event, as we travel back to the beginning and unwind that which was bound, gathering together the pieces of our past.

The First Untangled Gathering LIVE broadcast will be launched tonight, Friday June 26, 2015 at 11pm BDT/ 6pm EDT- with a special 1 hour show discussing The Origins Conference that begins a noon (London time) Saturday June 27th, 2015.

Please Visit the TUG Events Page HERE for more information about The Untangled Gathering Origins Conference.

The LIVE broadcast will start at 12noon, London time- 7am EDT

WATCH the TUG Origins Conference on CCN:

Speaking at the TUG Origins Conference will be:

Thahoketoteh of Kanienkehaka Nation (Mohawk)- From Turtle Island (Canada)- Telling the story of the First Nations Creation legends

Mel Ve, Will be taking us through the vast world of the mythology of Creation 

12-2pm- Colin Hayter, Live from Australia with Lisa M Harrison, to discuss the Gosford Glyphs, and his amazing discovery of their history.

2-3pm- Dr. Credo Mutwa - Live from South Africa - interview with Mel Ve, Discussing African Origins 

4-6pm  - Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich  - Live from the US - Sam will be speaking about the Bosnian Pyramids and his ground breaking research into their ancient history

7-9pm- Francis Xavier Aloisio - Live from Malta - Taking us on a journey though the vast prehistory of the Island of Malta, and her Megalithic temples.

9-11pm- Johan Oldenkamp- Live from Holland


JOIN us Tomorrow for an incredible day of journeying back in time, to the very Origins of Our Selves.

The Untangled Gathering:  The Origins

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