Thursday 11 June 2015

"The Sisters", Putin, and the "Rock Reader"

Ok folks, I just received this in an email.   I have no idea where it came from, or if it's real.....  This is supposedly tied to Sorcha Faal.  But it doesn't follow the usual byline, nor is it similar in writing style, language, or rhetoric.

As we work to figure out the pieces of the puzzle, the one thing I have learned is that sometimes information comes in unusual ways, and from unusual places.  Some of what is written below adds up very clearly with my own research on what has been going on in the Middle East.  Some of what is said in here also resonates with me, due to other information I have been looking at.   But again.... does that make it true?  No.  But I am publishing it here for everyone to look at for themselves and to derive their own opinion about it's relevancy.


ps:  the information about King John is also very relevant right now, but for a different reason:  Magna Carta, the 800th anniversary is..... June 15th.   That date again eh?


Folks, I've got a story to tell you...and it may be the last one you'll ever read from me...
I've never told you this story before, nor have the Sisters...because not only is this story the second most closely protected secret on earth, even the mere knowledge of its existence is enough to have a death sentence placed on oneself. ( The Truth about UFO's is the Most Protected Secret )
The reason I'm going to tell you this story is that you have a right to know about it, even if you don't understand it, at the best...or at the worst, don't believe a single word of neither position matters, the truth is what is important now.
This story begins in July, 1998, when Vladimir Putin was appointed by then Russian President Boris Yeltsin to be the head of the Federal Security Services (FSB).
As to who Putin is and where his historical lineage began no one knows. His career, of course, has long been charted by various press agencies and government files, but to whom he really is, and most importantly, where his family came from remains an enigma.
According to the Sisters records though (which were confirmed by Russian journalists), Putin is a direct descendant of the Putyatin family (clan) who were one of the oldest clans in Russian history, and is therefore a relative of all the royal families of Europe.
So when Putin became the head of the FSB in 1998, the Sisters began a "royal-leader" file on him and began tracking his ascendency, orders and political trajectory towards what their research showed them would be his eventually becoming the leader of not only Russia, but the entire Eastern world.
When the Sisters begin a "royal-leader" file they not only mark its beginning date, but also its ending one...which in Putin's is marked 31 December 2017.
And when a "royal-leader" file is started, the Sisters also begin a "mission" surrounding it...which in Putin's case includes the website, Sorcha Faal reports, books, other information, etc.
The purpose of a "mission" the Sister's undertake, like with Putin, is meant solely to be an accurate historical record charting the events surrounding "remarkable personages" as they relate to ancient mythological/religious teachings and writings.
To how accurate these "missions" are that the Sisters perform on "remarkable personages" can be seen in one of their oldest still active files "John, King of England 1166-1216" which is one of only 7 that is marked with the cryptic ending date of "New Millennium".
As some of you may know, every American President (including Barack Obama), with the exception of Martin Van Buren (1782-1862), are direct descendants of King John...which in essence makes Putin and Obama cousins...which is why his file remains active.
With Putin's file, and for the first time in modern history, the Sisters allowed "various and selected" elements of it to be released publically via the internet in 2001, which began in Russia and in 2004 started in the United States and Europe with
As the Sisters, who can be most exactly described as "mystic-religious" historians dealing with matters involving time spans in the hundreds and thousands of years, allowed elements of their Putin file to become public, they stipulated that this "new" effort must be fully supported by those wishing to know this knowledge.
The reason behind this stipulation is the Sisters knowing/belief that the vast majority of people living today are so beyond being able to be taught the truth due to their DNA being corrupted, efforts in educating them is nearly futile, and the expense so great only a nation-state would be able to effectively reeducate them.
The late Sorcha Faal (a titled person elected by the Sisters to oversee their public affairs) even in realizing this fact about people whose DNA had been corrupted, did realize that there were still a few who would be able, in time, to benefit from their knowledge.
And what makes the Sisters Putin file most dangerous, and therefore most meaningful to know, are entries showing that after becoming the head of the FSB in 1998, he ordered an immediate funding increase of over US $100 million to the Sector of Plasma Phenomena Theory directorate of the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences...which is one of the largest, and is the oldest Russian research center.
Why Putin gave the Sector of Plasma Phenomena Theory directorate such an astonishing sum of money was due to their development of what they called a wide-spectrum silicone laser retrieval and recording device. (this is a very rough translation from Russian)
Among the scientists at the directorate working on this device it was known simply as the "Rock Reader"...and what it was able to do was record both sound and images from ancient structures, remains, buildings, etc., even though they were thousands of years old.
The science behind this "Rock Reader" is beyond the comprehension of any lay person, but its basics are simple to understand to anyone who has ever used a computer, CD or DVD player, or any other such device, where the information is stored on what is essentially sand.
Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles and is defined by size, being finer than gravel and coarser than silt, and as it is the basic material (Silicone) used to make computer chips, transistors, silicon diodes and other electronic circuits and switching devices because its atomic structure makes the element an ideal semiconductor.
Our civilization is literally built on sand. People have used it for construction since at least the time of the ancient Egyptians.
In the 15th century, an Italian artisan figured out how to turn sand into transparent glass, which made possible the microscopes, telescopes, and other technologies that helped drive the Renaissance's scientific revolution (also, affordable windows).
Sand of various kinds is also an essential ingredient in detergents, cosmetics, toothpaste, solar panels, silicon chips, and especially buildings; every concrete structure is basically tons of sand and gravel glued together with cement.
So critically important is sand that right now there is a global war going on for it...and as outlandish as it may seem, Australia is now shipping some of its sand to the Middle East!
But the deadliest war over sand our world is experiencing now is due to Putin being in possession of the world's only "Rock Reader" technology.
This is because after Putin massively funded the "Rock Reader" prototype in 1998, he sent out teams of FSB experts all around the world with it to our planets oldest built structures to see if they could record anything of value.
And they did! So important was the ancient/historical information Putin received from his FSB teams using the "Rock Reader" he was able to use it to catapult himself into the Russian presidency on 31 December 1999...a position of global power he retains to today.
By late 2000, the United States was able to obtain information on Putin's "Rock Reader" technology and FSB missions and became so terrified they began a plan to deliberately obliterate every single ancient structure in the world they could before they could be "read".
The Americans first destructive action came in March, 2001, when the Bush administration paid the Taliban in Afghanistan US $20 million to destroy the ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan structures.
Realizing that this was a very inefficient way to destroy our world's ancient artifacts after realizing that Putin paid these same Taliban US$5 million to "read" it before its destruction, the Bush administration then decided to make war on everyone they could instead in order to accomplish their goals.
So on 7 October 2001, using the 9/11 attacks as their "cover", the US invaded Afghanistan making their primary target all of that nations archeological treasures and sites. And what they couldn't outright loot, they destroyed.
Likewise, in 2003 the Americans invaded Iraq and, again, began a systematic rampage of looting and destruction of that nation's entire ancient heritage.
Also Libya was included for destruction, as was Egypt...the latter only being saved by Saudi Arabia who by then realized what the Americans were really doing.
Syria too, and what was left in Iraq, was slated for destruction with the Americans even going so far as creating their own terror army, known as ISIS, to complete their plan of destroying every ancient site they possibly could.
What isn't known at this time is exactly how many ancient video and audio recordings Putin's FSB teams were able to make...but we are able to see their massive effects upon Russia's military-industrial complex which nearly by the week now are making stunning advances...all to the terror of the Americans and their European allies.
But of the most horrific information gained by Russia's "Rock Reader" technology are the exact details of what caused our planets destruction a few thousand years ago...and which we are repeating today and cannot be stopped!
Now what I've done here folks, at great peril I remind you, is to give you but the merest overview to the most critically important story of our lifetime...indeed in our present world's history.
More exact and defining reports are currently being completed by the Sisters...but unless you support them NOW you will never see or know about it...nor will anyone else. Remember, the Sister's main objective is their own...not yours or mine.
Granted, seeing our world today is like watching a slow motion train wreck...everyone knows it's coming...but I for one, and hopefully you too, would like to know what caused everything and what's going to happen afterward!
If you do too, then go to the Sister's donation page ( HERE) and give all that you can today...unless you do I don't see how will survive another week.
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