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Canada's $650 trillion Indian Trust Fund: Are the Funds still There?

This is an older article- from February 2014, BUT..... thsi information is VERY relevant right now.   I

While I cannot verify some of the information in this Sputnik "Voice of Russia" radio show, the basic facts are extremely important and valid:

*The government of Canada IS a Corporation

*The United Nations was created by the Bankers in the City of London.

*The "Indian Trust Funds" DO exist- yet I have no confirmation of the amount of money IN those "Trusts".

Is it the thefts of these funds that has been keeping this collapsing financial system afloat?  This article published on June first (pic below) makes an interesting statement that needs further investigation:

"“Here it’s an actual government entity that states policy from the French government that says U.S. tribes do not exist legally speaking, so they cannot appear before us,” Ciric said."

WAIT A SECOND!!!  Is this an admittance that the Tribes of First Nations in North America do not exist "legally speaking" because they are NOT corporate entities?  IE:  not under the corporate dead structure that the rest of the public is put under?   If this is a fact, then the Treatis Trust Funds may actually be something that is vastly different than the usual type Trusts.

..... this is something that I will need help on investigating as my knowledge of "Trusts" is limited.  Feel free to jump in here if you have any information that may help us discover exactly what this may mean.


12 February 2014, 13:12

Canada's $650 trillion Indian Trust is being stolen - Kahentinetha Horn

Canada's $650 trillion Indian Trust is being stolen - Kahentinetha Horn

It is an already centuries old conspiracy of exploitation and theft beginning with the Catholic Church's Doctrine of Discovery that allowed Europeans to commit genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Americas and steal their lands and resources as long as the Church received a share of the spoils.

To this day the exploitation of stolen lands continues as does the abuse and theft of trusts that were set up for the indigenous peoples.
The Indian Trust in Canada is worth approximately $650 trillion and the Indian Trust in the US holds at least $450 billion at any one time, yet these monies are never given to the indigenous people and they continue to be controlled, held and exploited by the invaders who are controlling the system. Legally Canada is a Corporation which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and according to Mohawk Nation Elder Kahentinetha Horn the Corporation of Canada is being dissolved and the Indian Trust is being absconded with to Europe. In an interview with the Voice of Russia Ms. Horn says the indigenous people of North America, who have no recourse, wish to meet with President Putin. She calls Russians, as the indigenous people of Russia, allies, and calls for unity against a shared enemy.
Hello, this is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn, she is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan and the owner and publisher She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.
Robles: Hello, Kahentinetha. It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again.
Horn: Hi. Russia is always in the news, that is all we see on the TV and I saw and am learning quite a bit about Russia. That is a very nice place to go, seems like it.
Robles: Yeah, actually it is, really, despite the bad propaganda. I love it here.
Horn: So, the big news is that Canada is joining the US and the UN Control Grid. You know the Program Agenda 21?
Robles: No, I'm not too familiar with that. Please, tell us what is that? What is Agenda 21?
Horn: That is a plan that has been worked out since the 1970s and it is now in effect and the United Nations, which is another corporation, is going to have an army, and it is going to run the world. It is going to be like a great big "Department of Indian Affairs."
The way I see it; lawyers… there is a big legal firm here that works for the government, for the Corporation of Canada, and these lawyers are fleeing and it was so, well, it looks sudden, but it was on Wednesday that this big announcement took place.
And they are basically saying: "Let's get out of here while the going is good." And a lot are joining an American and United Nations law firm called Piper, it is an international law firm and it is run out of the United Nations.
They are the ones that are going to be drafting all the rules and regulations for the bankers worldwide.
So they are going to take all the money from us that they've stolen, which are being put into offshore accounts, you know, so that nobody can touch it. And this has been something that has been going on for a while.
The former head of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney left last July and he has gone over to become the head of Bank of England. And he is the one that ..we have a huge huge Indian trust fund over $600 trillion, the largest in the world, this is what is going to be moved, or is being moved, if it hasn’t already been moved. So he has gone over to England to do this.
Now the law firm, just to tell you a little bit about it, it is the home to quite a few Prime Ministers, to Supreme Court Judges, Federal, Provincial politicians. When they don’t work in government anymore that is where they go. And this law firm’s job is to take the heat of the bankers. That is their main job.
So now they are all jumping ship and a lot of them are going back to what I call the fatherland, you know, like one of them I personally know, he has got two homes in France. And that is where he is going to go and live.
Now as far as I'm concerned these criminals should be going to jail, they should be rotting in jail. And they don’t want to go back over to Europe on a slave ship, the way they came in, because they are saying: "I'm going first class." And that is all there is to it.
They think that because they are in the process of surrendering, you know, they are going to decide how they are going to surrender because they are a bunch of crooks. Now their law firm is dissolving and the Corporation of Canada is dissolving.
Robles: For listeners could you please give a quick background about what the Corporation of Canada exactly is? Because a lot of people don’t know about it, it is not publicized and for our listeners the only time they may have heard about it was if they had heard your previous interview. What is the Corporation of Canada?
Horn: Canada and the US are both corporations that have shareholders which are the bankers, they are the shareholders. And they have come to Canada and to the US and they have placed their corporations here in order to take out all of our resources and use up the land, completely destroy our land.
Now they are taking the money and they are leaving. And they are dissolving their corporation because they are at the point where they are getting a lot of resistance by our people, by the true owners of the land and all of the resources. And I'm talking not just of resources, but the earth and the air and the water. This all belongs to indigenous people.
Now the Corporation of Canada is a foreign corporation. But now they are dissolving and as far as I could see they are leaving. But in the meantime they are bringing in new immigrants to Canada and these are from India and I don’t know where they are from, but they are immigrants with loads of money and they are not told who owns the land and they are already starting to set up businesses and they are starting to steal everything that their predecessors have left behind.
So we are seeing this now. They get money and they get help from these people to set this up and their job is to continue the genocide because the genocide was never completed by these people. We are still here. And we are complaining and we are standing up to them. And we have a lot of people with us who are standing up to them.
And Canada doesn’t have a Constitution that can override the bylaws of the Corporation of Canada rules and it is a pretend democracy and it is all based on theft and abuse.
Prime Minister Harper is strengthening the corporate rules and police system. He is going to set up private prisons for about 50,000 new prisoners that can be warehoused in these prisons. And it is all going to be done privately. So it is private money and private prisons . I think it is mostly meant for the indigenous people.
We are going continue to be surrounded by razor wire, by the Department of Indian Affairs and this phony law, fake law, they call the Indian Act. It has always been a division of the Canadian army and so is the RCMP.
So as I said the Corporation like any corporation is being dissolved, the shareholders are now trying to steer this dissolution in their favor. And we are… one of the things that we want, we want a list of shareholders of the Corporation of Canada. They should be charged with genocide and theft. And they are going to go off with about $650 trillion of our Indian Trust Fund.
And I think that the world wants to help us. I think that everybody in the world wants to help us. Am I right or am I wrong?
Robles: I think you are right. Are they going to leave Canada and if the Corporation and all the people behind it actually leave Canada and return to Europe? Where does that leave Canada as a nation?
Horn: Well, those people that are being left behind, they are left holding the bag and they are the ones that don't understand what is going on, they don’t see it. No matter how much you explain it to them and you tell them they do not see it because they are the people that are used to be taken care of and being ordered around and being obedient. That is the kind of people they are.
So these people are staying. We are going to end up having to take care of these people.
Robles: Again.
Horn: But you know… Yeah!
Now what happened? This is what happened in Iceland and I think that is what they are afraid of. In Iceland, the people, they got a new constitution and they put all their bankers and politicians in jail for what they did.
Remember 2008 what they did in Iceland? They completely robbed those banks and the politicians were helping them. So they rewrote their constitution and they took away the money machine.
You see, once you take the money machine, they are going to leave. But as far as I'm concerned we are going to take away their money machine and they are going to have to pay everything back. That is what I’m saying.
Robles: How do you think that can be done? How do you think you can stop the money from leaving Canada? It may already be somewhere else.
Horn: Well, it might be and it might not.
Robles: Is there anything that you can do or that we can do to stop that?
Horn: Well, I think we have to start opening diplomatic channels and we’d like to meet with Mr. Putin.
Robles: I see.
Horn: He is the only one that I see that stands up to Obama. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of Obama.
Robles: How is that going with the United Nations? I remember you told me last time we talked that you had filed papers… I believe with the United Nations about the corporation of Canada. Is that correct?
Horn: The United Nations is a corporation that the bankers in London created. They created that corporation. In order to be a member of the United Nations you have to be a corporate nation and the bankers run everything. They are running everything.
We have been seeing it coming for a while. We saw in the last couple of days that the henchman of the Corporation of Canada and the bankers are all leaving, the lawyers who safeguard the system, they are the ones who take care of it for the corporation. They are all leaving.
I know suddenly they are gone, they are going. They were packing up and leaving when I called.
Robles: This is unbelievable. What is going to be left behind and what kind of recourse might you have? I mean it is going to be kind of hard, you know, to go after them in their own legal system. So, what can you do? What can we do?
Horn: What is going to happen when the corporation dissolves?
Robles: What do you think what is going to happen? I have no idea that is why I’m asking you.
Horn: They’ve got us by the throat, it is through their corporation.
Robles: Right.
Horn: When that dissolves, then what? One of the things that I remember thinking about Russia, I don't know how you feel about the Tsar, it was a long time ago, but he really liked the Indians. He was very fond of the Indians.
Robles: Kahandinetha, let me tell you a little story. I'd like to get your reaction to it. It came out last summer and there were some geneticists, they were doing study on a very ancient native indigenous North American boy that was frozen somewhere. And they actually discovered Russian DNA in this boy, quite a large quantity over 40 percent or something.
Horn: Was this in Alaska?
Robles: I don’t remember the details. I can't say, it was somewhere in North America, maybe it was in Canada, or somewhere. It was in the north.
Horn: Well, would be around there in Alaska because there is that land bridge. But anyway I'm just going to tell you what I think, ok?
Robles: Yes, sure, please, please.
Horn: Putin is a descendent, I guess of people that used to work, I don’t think that he was part of that royal family, the Romanovs, but he was a descendent of the people who did work with them. And then they were all killed by the English oligarchs.
I think they saw Romanov as a very weak link. So, Putin has come up and risen up there and he is very powerful.
Robles: Yes, he is.
Horn: Putin is, I think, the only man that everybody is afraid of. Obama is afraid of him.
The Russians are not in the same situation as the people over here who are just part of a corporation. The Russians are not part of a corporation. You are the indigenous people of that land. Well, as far as I'm concerned today the pipeline we were talking about…
Robles: Kahandinetha, you were going to say something about the Tsar.
Horn: I said, the Tsar liked the indigenous people and as far as I'm concerned, you, the Russian people, are our allies. You are our allies, you are indigenous people, we are the indigenous people, and as far as I'm concerned there is that old saying "any enemy of my enemy is my ally." So you, the Russian people, are our allies.
So we would like to meet Mr. Putin. And we would like to talk about what is happening here. Because these crooks, these criminals, are fleeing and they think that they are going to take everything they can with them. But we are going to put them on galleys, those galley slave ship, and go the way you came as far as I’m concerned. That is how I feel about them. I guess I'm not very nice. But look what they did to us, over a hundred million of us, so..That is the biggest Holocaust in all humanity.
Robles: Now the pipeline if we could because I think it is going to be something that is going to galvanize the nations and the tribes to finally rise up. What do you think?
Horn: You know, the Mohawks, are the Keepers of the Eastern Door, because that is how they got in to Turtle Island was through our river here, right into the Great Lakes, right into the inside of our land. And we, the Mohawks, are the Keepers and we have that job and we are watching and we come in when we have to.
You were listening to an interview with Kahandinetha Horn, a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan and the owner and publisher of She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.
That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the next part of this interview on our website at
Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever in the world you may be.
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"Under international Law, the Law of Nations, Confederation never happened as per section 1. Further Confederation was not done by the People of Canada but by a Minister of the UK Parliament. None of the Quebec Conference Resolutions of 1864 were ever put into the BNA Act. The BNA Act is nothing more than a simple policy manual for private corporation called Canada of which no one is a resident of."
"Section 2 and 9 of the BNA Act confirm that executive power is vested in the Queen and to her heirs and successors. However the extension part listed in section 2 was repealed in 1893 thus the British Monarchy lost all executive Power in Canada after Queen Victoria died in 1901."
"All Constitutional documents make reference only to Persons or variations there of which are corporate entities not flesh and blood real men and women."

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