Wednesday 10 June 2015

Transpicuous News: Special report on JADE HELM, and revisiting the OPPT filings.

Tonight on Transpicuous News, I won't be doing the usual Midweek News Report.   Instead we're going to be doing something a little different.  Ok, a whole lot different.

Tonight I am going to be discussing two different topics.   Or I should say, WE are going to be discussing them.  Joining me tonight will be Lisa Harrison.

Tonight isn't going to be about "Answers".  Tonight we will ba asking questions.  The Bare fact is that there is no way to know the answers to the two topics of discussion tonight- not until everything plays out.  BUT we will look closely at what we know, what we suspect, and the circumstantial evidence that we have.

Topic 1:   We're going to dig into Jade Helm.  On the Roundtable Discussion Monday night, Lisa and I dug into several angles of everything we're being told is going on with Jade Helm.  Tonight we will revisit this, as I want to lay out my thoughts on this for people to think about, and perhaps get you guys to give some of your own feed back.    If you want to add your comments or ask questions, you can join the chat room on Lisa Harrison's website here:

Topic 2 is the tough one and the reason that I've asked Lisa to join me.   Tonight we are going to crack open the "cold files", if you will, about the OPPT.  We have said over the past 8 months that a time will come when we will openly talk about this subject in much greater clarity and detail.  For me, I have to admit that I was happy to have put the whole thing behind me and just walk away and not think about it any more....  and I had almost convinced myself that I wouldn't have to  revisit all of it......

But about three weeks ago something happened that slammed the OPPT Filings right smack into our faces again, and I knew in that moment that I AM going to have to  bring everything forward and lay it out, in complete transparency.  

This is a part of what Lisa and I talked about two weeks ago on the One People Roundtable Discussion.  We were already digging seriously into this back then, but everything kicked up into HIGH gear as of 3 days ago.   Let's just say that the matter has become.... time sensitive now.

... A few of you caught on right away over what this is about.

I want to reiterate here that I don't have answers.  Lisa doesn't have answers,  None of us who've spent literally over 30 hours in conference calls in the past 2 weeks or so.... have any answers.  What we have is background information that we have gathered from various people, we have circumstantial evidence,  we have a shit load of pieces that we think MAY have happened.....   and we have our own gut instincts that tell us that this shit ain't good!

I have the opinion that people make their own choices, and need to take responsibility for those choices- and if they make a choice without fully investigating it, and insuring that they are making the best decision.... well that's their choice to make, and none of my business.   And like I said, I was sorta willing to just let all of my nagging thoughts slide, because in the end, it's up to every individual to make their own mind and heart up and decided for themselves.  But what we've seen now, is something that MAY effect humanity as a whole- taking the decision away from the individual.  And THAT is something I have to speak out about.

So please join me and my awesome guest Lisa tonight on Transpicuous News for our special double whammy report.   TN will be LIVE Streamed, as usual, on CCN at 11pm BDT/ 6pm EDT.

Or you can watch the show live on Lisa Harrisons site (link above) or right here on RTS.

See ya later darlins!!

love d

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