Saturday 12 September 2015

The Refugees: Distraction and Trojan Horse

With so much focus on the Syrian/Libyan/war torn Middle East Refugee and "Migrant" situation that is being spun by the media, it is vital to dig through the stories, the bullshit and the point out the lies and see the spin doctored agendas and the propaganda that has been designed to distract and deceive.

I discussed some of this last week on Transpicuous News, and I've been talking about this on Facebook for the past week or so.  The Distractions are blatant:  Divide & Separate, using peoples personal, political and religious biases to perpetuate the agendas of those who are trying to distract us.

So first I want to look at the "Divide & Separate" memes...


These Memes are being plastered all over Social Media, and yet they are no more than a separation tool, perpetuated by groups that feel the need to support their agendas, or worse, feel the need to support their own blind bigotry and self righteousness.  These statements tend to push the idea that we can only do one thing at a time:

"We have our own homeless people we need to look after"

"We have to look after our Vets first!!"

"What about the starving children in Africa... we have to feed them first"

Great!!  Finally! But just because you need to look after your own countries "homeless people", or Vets, or starving children in Africa (and seriously, that last one made me just about puke, as the children in Africa have been starving for decades yet still nothing is done about it!!), doesn't mean you must turn away from others in need.

Then there is the great "refugees leaving garbage behind them" debate, which again is so ridiculously fucked up that it defies even a facepalm.  People marching hundreds of kms on foot, carrying everything they can on their backs..... and they leave behind their garbage and THATs what you're worried about?   Hint: in all the pictures I've seen of "refugee refuse", I haven't seen a single dumpster or garbage can anywhere. 

.... Second hint:  have you ever seen what's left behind after a concert or festival?  And most of these people left by car!!

OK, now let's look at the other news story that has been widely circulated this past week:

ISIS plotting Trojan Horse campaign by smuggling militants into western Europe disguised as refugees 

  • ISIS militants plan to enter Turkey disguised as refugees fleeing the fighting
  • Hundreds of Kurds cross the 'chaotic' Syrian-Turkish border every day
  • And it would be almost impossible to spot militants blending in with crowds  
  • From there they plan to travel through Europe equipped with fake passports
  • New Trojan Horse tactic could unleash a wave of terror attacks on continent 

I lost count of how many times I saw this posted on facebook- and lost count of how many people thought this was "new" news.   Check the date.  

I discussed this on Transpicuous News WAY back in October 2014 when this article came out, and I warned then that it was "NOTICE".  That "they" are telling the public what's coming.

But this is the biggest lie and distraction of them all.  THIS IS NOTICE.

Yes, it IS a "Trojan Horse", and yea.... you could say it is planned out by ISIS.  but then you have to remind people WHO IS BEHIND ISIS!?!

This is the EXACT SAME TEMPLATE that they ("they")  ALWAYS USE!!!

"Arab Spring"

"Ukraine's Maiden"

"Ferguson Riots"

.... and hundreds more!

Yep, they are slipping their paid troublemakers into the refugee groups.   They are putting their paid trolls into the groups refugees, in front of the cameras to shout "AluAkbar" and throw rocks and insults and shit (apparently literally).  TO CONVINCE YOU THAT ALL THE REFUGEES ARE ISIS TERRORISTS!!!!   Which, in turn, takes all the focus off of WHY they are Refugees to begin with, AND promotes their agenda that "ISIS" is the Problem!!!!


That is why last week I wrote about co-opting their planned distraction.  Instead of perpetuating the agendas of separation and insular focus on personal biases, we need to use this propaganda to educate the public about what's really going on.  To at least direct their attention to the fact that the reason there ARE Refugees is the wars being perpetuated by THEIR COUNTRIES!

It doesn't matter whether or not a journalist moved the drown toddlers body to a better position so that he could get the perfect picture (let's face it folks, that's all in a days work for these guys!!), It doesn't matter how the little boys name is spelled or whether or not his  "father's" story is real.....  all you need to know is that refugees are drowning by the thousands- men women and children.  When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the debate over stupid irrelevancies, we feed those irrelevancies energy and draw focus away from what's really happening, AND WHY.

..... and have you noticed that all the focus is on SYRIAN refugees?  Yet no one is talking about the Libyan refugees, are they?  Nope.  Because they are promoting their need for WAR in SYRIA.  They certainly don't want anyone to look at the Libyan crises right now, because even the most drugged up, TV brainwashed person in the world can look at what's happened in Libya and figure out that something about this just isnt' right.   NO NONO- all focus has to be on Syria right now.   And no NO!!!  Do not look at what is going on in Turkey and the Kurdish people!!!!  NO.... Focus only on SYRIA.

Tomorrow night on Transpicuous News I will be focusing on looking at the distractions and seeing what they are trying to distract us from.... because my friends, there is a LOT of shit going on right now,  and that shit is seriously fucked up.

So please join me tomorrow night for Transpicuous News- LIVE Stream broadcast at 9pm London/Morocco time, 4pm EDT, on CCN or watch it right here on RTS.

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