Monday 7 September 2015

From Facebook: My Biggest Wish.....

I posted this on Facebook this morning and have had multiple requests to publish it on RTS for ease of Sharing.

My biggest wish? Is for people to STOP listening to the propaganda, and instead, RESEARCH FOR THEMSELVES. The Facts of what has been going on for the past 10, 20, 100 years, are actually right out there in plain sight.... IF - and this is a BIG "IF"... you are willing to look away from CNN, Fox, BBC, CBC, etc... and ACTUALLY LOOK at the FACTS. Not the "facts" that BBC or CNN tells you, not the lies that they have told you- that have been proven over and over again to BE Outright LIES. BUT LOOK AT THE FACTS.

FACT: Over 2000 Engineers, and Architects have PROVEN THE FACTS that the Twin Towers did NOT collapse because of airplanes crashed into them. Building #7 did NOT Collapse due to "an office fire".

FACT: SandyHook School Was CLOSED DOWN before the "terrible attack"- there were NO students, nor any teachers at the school when the "attack" supposedly took place.

FACT: the US government agencies use "Crisis Actors" to play the roles of "dead teacher", blown up runner, terrified student, crying parent......

The US and Western Media are lying to you about the Economy, the Stock market and the Financial status of the USA. The US government is LYING to you about Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Venezuela, Iran, Russia (to name just a few) - Complete LIES and Fabrications- fairy tales to sell the US public into DEBTS that they can never and WILL NEVER be able to pay back.

You have been lied to by your religious leaders and your political leaders. You have been lied to by your "Gurus" and your "New Age" prophets, your Channelers and your OHM'ers, your crystal gazers and your "enlightened" galactic mouthpieces. ....

YOU have a choice: You can live with your head buried in the sand, hiding your eyes from what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING on our planet.... yep, you can continue to live in your "fairytale world" that is being fed to you by the media and your church and your government and your Gurus ...

BUT.... then you ALSO have to live with the Repercussions and the RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR DECISIONS.

.... because there is a good chance that very soon, your little fairy tale world is about to blow up in your face. And when it does.... it's people Like ME that you'll be running to for information and answers. And to be perfectly honest.... I'm not sure I'll give a fuck by then.

Mainstream Media BUSTED

False Flags, staged events, crisis actors, the evidence is overwhelming on the corruption and fraud perpetrated on the general public DAILY. All leading to a false media created reality that serves the few at the expense of humanity and our planet.

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