Tuesday 22 September 2015

Coms During a Social Media black out, or "glitch"

The Global skype outage got me thinking..... it's an easy thing for the big communications platforms to be taken down, or have a "glitch" all of sudden- especially when/if things are hot. If skype is down, there is facebook or twitter etc..., but what if they are all down?  How do you communicate with groups and friends to get information out?

In the case of a black out or "glitch" on social media sites, alternatives for getting in touch with Lisa Harrison or I (if there is internet) is to go to Lisa's chat on her website:

and if the major social media outlets go down, I will open the comments section on Removing the Shackles again so that we can use that platform for communications as well.

I've posted this on Facebook in several groups, asking for input on options etc....  I will edit them in here as they are posted.

.... ps: as Skype has seriously been a fuckin disaster lately, I've sorta moved over to Facebook (again *sigh) for much of my communications.  my facebook is:  dani arnold mckenny

love d

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