Friday 25 September 2015

More Internet Blackouts and social media "glitches"

Facebook had outages today in the US - even made the main stream media "news".   On Monday I said that I expect these social media site "blackouts" and "glitches to get worse.... and it has.

On Facebook this evening I made this post:

Social Media has gone down several times- Skype globally on Monday and yesterday and today facebook has gone down for short periods. I'm having internet issues in general with outages several times a day- and have to reboot the router? I'm getting reports from all over about internet slow downs and outages- especially for the past two weeks.

Are you having internet issues? Where are you and what type of issues?
These are the responses so far:

* Facebook would not open for me today until this afternoon and I am in Texas 

*Texas as facebook for about 15 minutes, but it's been glitching for me about a week now. This is what I saw all day the other friends? Ummmm, try 2500 plus, not to mention all of the groups I'm in or pages I like.
*BarcelonA skype tonight heart emoticon
*yep ... very slow internet or won't load Facebook or Yahoo. Have had to reboot quite often today Dani.
*Norway, slow internet past couple of weeks, facebook wont completely load all the time today.
*CA, SF Bay Area - slow & quirky but working
*FB was down here in VA for about one hour.
*Very slow Internet in Manchester and Facebook very on and off
*Illinois...FB has had trouble connecting on my phone off and on over the past few weeks
*NY - Skype out on Monday. Not aware of any other issues.
*No problems Los Angeles
*London okay.
*i have excellent internet here in puerto rico...the last two weeks ...there have been more noticeable interruptions,,,outages...and slow downs...
*Skype out Monday and for a few hours today. Facebook has been tough all day hard to post replies, shares and view links. Found that my computer protection had somehow been turned 'off' between 11 am and 2:15 pm.~ when I was offline and not at home. THAT has never happened before........has to be done "manually". ahem. I am in Gig Harbor, WA. Funny, I actually came into FB here specifically to check is this was happening to anyone else. Voila, your post was the first one to show up.
*FB was down in Tacoma WA this morning
*Everything fine here in Florianopolis, south of Brazil. Did the pope just sent a 666 sign today at the US Congress or what!
* Toronto. couldn't connect at all to FB earlier and then slow signal.
 *Slow slow slow -- for a few weeks now
 *Trouble with Facebook last night and this morning. YouTube has also been funky along with internet connection. SE Wisconsin usa.
*In Idaho. Once in the morning the server we have. Slows down to the point of being slower than hell. And then again in the evening for about 15 minutes. This has been going on for 2 weeks. Same with a friend in Utah. Yesterday Facebook was insane. Didn't work very well all day every time I tried to go on.
 *Oklahoma. FB was off for only a few minutes for me today (That was the first time ever.), but the main problem has been with the router and messages telling me I'm connected to an 'Unknown (WiFi) Network', which then causes the system to fail and I have to unplug it to get everything working right again. The latter has been happening off and on for a couple of weeks. Our internet speed always goes up and down. *shrugs*

   *** Dani Arnold-McKenny: hmmm, that's exactly what's been happening to us here in Morocco all week. i've rebooted the router at least 10 times today

 *Facebook down twice today ... Skype and cell phone dropping conference calls pertaining to our awareness. Other technical messages why I cant connect..Florida...
 *Yes have had to start rebooting router as constanty losing connectivity over last 2 weeks. Geelong, Australia.
*Skype was down, not sure about FB as was not online at the time - internet connectivity seems the usual crappy level - Cape Town, South Africa
 *All is well here in Ontario Canada just like it always is smile emoticon
*I had an issue with skype on I could not call anyone..and I was showing off line all day(england)
* (mid Ontario)   Interestingly, as of yesterday morning, I believe my phone gave itself an update without my permission.  All of a sudden, I can’t charge it.  It charged the night before no problem.  I tried 8 different chargers to no avail.  Eventually, I got a different message stating that the charger I was attempting to use was not an apple product.  I used the girls’ charger, the only true apple charger left in the house (they almost never last more than a month) and lo and behold, it charges with that.  I have NEVER had an issue with any of these chargers before.
*(NY) My whole computer goes down andreboots for no reason, sometimes Skype, sometimes Google -gmail, or Facebook goes crazy, today again a lot
*My computer has been turning off by it self too lately today twice (france)

So my friends.... as far as I'm concerned, this is a major move that we need to keep track of.  As I said in the original post below- do you have alternative communications worked out?  Plans in place to be able to contact your groups etc....

I think this is "them" testing the public and getting us sort of "immune" to these black outs- getting us use to the internet getting slower and going down at odd times.....  they want us complacent and docile...... unsuspecting....

Please keep an eye on this my friends!!!  This shouldn't be ignored.

love d

ps:  my paypal has been down- I've just got it back again.  My email is down,..... half of the messages I can't reply too, nor can I access my folders or my address book!!!  my skype is randomly sending my messages at different times, and some messages are taking DAYS to get to me.  .... I'm beginnign to think about going back to sending post cards!!!!! lol.

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