Monday 21 September 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Skype is down world wide- BE ALERT!

Ding Ding ding Ding!!!!!!!  BE ALERT PEOPLE!!!!!

I woke up to a completely skype outage- not just the usual Skype fuckery I've been experiencing for the past few months, but a full blown outage.  Some messages are going through- but taking 30 minutes to be delivered- some are not going through at all.  In Skype groups, some people are receiving the messages, some can't even get signed into Skype.

I do NOT Believe in Coincidence.  As I said last night on Transpicuous News, this could be a VERY interesting week.



Do you have a secondary plan for communications?   Even Zoom is not working well this morning.   Facebook calls are not going through..... do you have another option for communication with groups and friends and family- especially those in other countries?

.... I'm working on it as well.  I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

love d

RT- update on skype:

Skype communication app is down across the globe

© Dado Ruvic
Popular communications application Skype went down across the world on Monday. Numerous users are currently complaining on social media that they are not able to sign in.
“We're a bit overloaded right now...Please try again later, or download Skype to use it anytime,” Skype wrote on its website.
“Affected users will not be able to change their status, their contacts will all show as offline and they will be unable to start Skype calls to them.” However, they added that instant messages “are still being delivered as usual. The status issue also doesn't affect Skype for Web, which can be used to make calls and send instant messages.”

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