Saturday 26 September 2015

Thank you!

Two weeks ago I put out a Call Out for help when things got extremely tight for myself and my family.  The response from everyone was overwhelming and moved me to tears several times.   I wanted to give an update here, and say THANK YOU.

I am, yet again, unable to access most of my email account, lol, and only able to read messages (sometimes), but can't seem to reply.  Oh and my address book has been wiped out, lol- so I've been scrambling around to put together my email contacts list again... when I can access my email!!  I finally managed to get most of the wonderful donations out of Paypal, after a bit of ridiculousness. But the Paypal issues are seemingly fixed now.

I have the new (second hand) computer out of hock by the Moroccan Customs Office, and have been able to accomplish lots of new things with it, including moving forward with creating labels and graphics for Our Gaia's Gardens, AND...... we were able to go back up to the Rif Mountains to visit the family cooperative whom we are working with, and picked up more Essential Oils and Dried Herbs- all wild grown, pesticide and herbicide free, ancient heritage plants from the Rif Mountains of Morocco!!!   The Family Cooperative have decided that will only work with us, because they too want to change how business is done, and want to bring changes to the world through natural healthy products, that are PURE. Needless to say, Nick and I are so excited!

But this was all made possible by amazing people who all helped us out when we needed help.

T H A N K   Y O U ! !

I have been working on Our Gaia's Gardens distribution/wholesale price lists and information packages, and setting things up so that we can move forward very soon with not only the products we've already produced, but to launch several other lines of products- therapeutic & skincare- VERY soon.  I've decided to say FUCK the FDA and all their counterparts and start producing my healing products regardless of their stupid rules and regulations.  I refuse to be bound by their lies and fraud and rules.

I am also looking for a few partners to help me with another project- this one dealing with Morgellons.  I have come to the conclusion that "Morgellons" is an umbrella term, much like "Autism" that is applied to an whole broad spectrum of symptoms, and lumps them all together... when they are NOT.  I am hoping to start a website with a group of people who, like me are working on "morgellons" cures and treatments- but I want to do the research and testing all in real time- ONLINE publicly so that anyone who wants to follow, wants to join us, or wants to try any of the treatments out, can do so.  Without worrying about keeping shit secret, or treatments "under wraps".   I will be launching several treatments through Our Gaia's Gardens, but I am also releasing all the recipes to the the public as well, so that anyone can make them for themselves.  (I have already shared many of the recipes in public skype rooms etc... and with people who are fighting off infections).   I will put together a video to discuss this probably in the next few weeks, and will have to create a new email address for this.... since my removing the shackles email is apparently on the "naughty list", lol.

Times are tough and Shit is seriously ramping up.  We've all got to work together to change this fuckin' mess.  I'll have several video reports to put out to cover some of what's been happening.   As I said earlier this week- I'm really using Facebook a lot right now to keep people updated constantly- it's working better for me than skype, lol.    facebook:  dani arnold mckenny

I love you guys.  

Keep your eyes on the Ball !!!

love d

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