Monday 7 September 2015

A personal call out.

Well my friends, I hate making this sort of a call out, but unfortunately it has become necessary.

As you know, Nick and I have started our own business- Our Gaia's Gardens.  We borrowed some money from a good friend of ours to start the process, and have basically funneled every penny we have into the start up to get Our Gaia's Gardens up and running.  We've sourced all the basics- bottles, ingredients,  labels, packaging and spent a huge amount of time preparing and testing and getting everything ready to roll out....

And now we're ready.... except we've come to a grinding halt, due to finances.

Another good friend, knowing that I have been severely suffering from a back case of computeritis, has sent me a computer - second hand and refurbished, with all the software I need- and after almost 4 weeks (so much for "3-5 business days"  DHL Shipping), we've been told it's ready to be delivered..... but we have to pay 175 EUROS  to get it released!!!!

We have a young man here who lost his job, that Nick and I have sort of taken under our wing and have been helping - he speaks excellent english and is helping us with translating from Moroccan/Berber/Spanish/French to English for us.  Hopefully, he can help us "negotiate" with Customs....

In the mean time, I need to put a call out to ask for some financial help this month. We don't have 175 Euros to pay Customs... we don't even have 50 Euros to get us through the next few weeks. If you can help, even a couple of dollars is HUGELY appreciated.

*     *     *     *     *

I am putting together a product information package with all our back ground info and pricing on the current products (and an outline of the next products we will be launching), for Distributors and/or Wholesale/Retailers.  We are looking for investors to become distributors as the biggest cost factor right now is shipping individual bottles etc, to online retail customers, so we are working towards having Distributors in various countries, so that the shipping - to individual, retail and wholesale customers- is handled locally.

We've received rave reviews of our products from everyone who's used them so far.  I have been sending samples and bonuses to customers who order our Argan Oil, to have them test some of our latest products.  I will be putting up a reviews page on OGG in the next day or so!  Sticking to my unwavering belief in producing completely natural, uncorrupted, skin care products, using only truly PURE  plant essences and oils, has been a very difficult path, but one that I will NOT take any shortcuts on.   Beyond beautiful skin, I will be launching several of my healing products very very soon as well.  I have given out my recipe for "Morgellions" treatments to many people, and will publish it on OGG for those who wish to make it themselves, but I will also be making them available through Gaia's Gardens (and I will be delving into the "Morgellions" issue very soon as there is MUCH coming to light about this all encompassing "disease" that is disinformation and outright misdirection!).  I will also be launching my "Mommy's 'Mergencies" line of healing balms that I have created over the years for my own childrens booboos, burns, bites, and bumps!!

Our Gaia's Gardens is a culmination of over a decade of dreams coming into reality.  Birthing it has been a LONG and arduous journey (with many tantrums and meltdowns along the way! lol).  We are sooooo close......

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor/Investor/Wholesaler of Our Gaia's Gardens Products, please contact me on skype:  d.breakingthesilence   or facebook:  dani arnold mckenny

As I said, I'll be doing a big launch (hopefully this week!) with all the Distributor pricing and product information.

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