Wednesday 30 September 2015

Solar & Geomagnetic Activity being edited like Earthquakes

Side note:  This has taken 5 attempts to get it published in the past 4 hours....

Well well well.....  I have theorized  that official agencies are "creatively editing" solar activity for a long long time, but as of today... THIS is absolute PROOF.

Just like the Earthquakes that disappear off of USGS minutes after they happened, we now have proof that the official US space monitoring agencies are also deleting solar flare activity, and it would seem that Solarham may be complicit in this activity, even if just by the fact that they are publishing the information and NOT reporting on the strangely missing Flares.

As with everything I research, I cross check ALL DATA with an many agencies and listings that I can find.   For solar information, I use Solarham as my "quick source", to get a quick overview in one place.  From there I jump to  LASCO, SOHO, SDO, NOAA etc.... and from THERE I ALWAYS check in with Tesis- which is a Russian solar observatory-

So my question today is:   Why are the US Solar "agencies" creatively editing out solar Flares over the past 3 days?   In the first chart below from SolarHam, which gets it's info as a direct feed, we can see that "they" are listing 8 M Class solar flares over the past 3 days- from Sept 27- Sept 30 (so far for today at 0920 London time).......  Solarham is only showing 8 M Class flares in the past 3 days....

 Data provided by N0NBH

Solar Flare Risk
M-Class: 70%
X-Class: 25%

Active Watches
Geomag. Storm    NO
Radiation Storm    NO

....and yet Tesis, in Russia is showing 9 M Class flares for yesterday alone!   With a total of 15 M Class solar Flares in the same three day period!

I can no longer find a true real LIVE feed of Earth's Magnetopause either.  When I go to the CCMC Real Time Tools (haha), they show you a lovely still pic of the Magnetopause from today.... and the 24 hour "real time" magnetopause ..... is showing the data from Sept 21 2015!!!!!

... But that's ok, because as I'm the Screen shot Queen, I just happen to have the Screen shots of CERN live feed from Sept 21, 2015 to cross reference to, lol.

Here is the Magnetopause from the 21st of Sept:

0126- the lower "arch starts to Bend in towards Earth, as the "impact" begins to move downwards.
0713, you can see the top "arch", if you will, radically bending in towards Earth
1001- you can see that "arch" really bending in at the top

Below is the CERN feed for that time period.  Between 1800 on the 20th and 11am on the 21st, CERN had 3 major beam dumps- all three, they lost one beam and had to do a full dump.

On Sept 20th, there were magnetic storms, yet the 21st all is "calm"....  and yet the Magnetopause shows definite geomagnetic disturbances...  You have to wonder just HOW much "creative editing" is going on, eh?

Interestingly enough..... "Coincidentally", lol, September 21st was the last day that I was able to get live feed of the Earth's Schumann Frequencies- which cuts off at exactly 1400 on the 21st. 1400 + 7 hrs (Russia) to UTC, makes the cut off at 0600 UTC....

THAT is the ONLY "live feed" of the Earth's Schumann Frequencies I've been able to find- and like Tesis, it's out of Russia.

So my friends...... What happened on Sept 21st, 2015?  LOTS of major events happened over the course of the past week... but did "something" happen that we're not "seeing"?  ... I'm looking.....

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