Wednesday 31 July 2013

July 31 Update: "Nothing is happening".... *snort* buhahhahahah!!! Oh, and more info about Iraq

As I mentioned yesterday in the Charts article, the most awesome research team in the world have dragged some brilliant pieces of information and links into the spot light.  I haven't been able to even remotely get the info/links put together in any semblance of organization, but a few of these pieces just absolutely needed to be put out here now.

Edited about 3 minutes after publishing to say:  I'm sorry or all the formatting mess- I have no idea what the hell is wrong with my blogger account, but it's seriously having mental issues for the past 3 days.  I'll try to get it sorted out.   

 First off, for all those that love to chant "Nothing is Happening" while sticking their fingers in their ears and singing "lalalalalallalalalala I can't hear you!!!"- for you guys, I love you, but I know that nothing that anyone shows you will make you see and hear the truth of what's happening around you.  But seriously?........ you fingers have GOT to be getting tired by now!!

Here is a little update on the

Courtesy Notice Success Story -- $32,194 Loan Waived by Key Bank

Updated w/Documets: Courtesy Notice Success Story -- $99,692.21 Forgiven by Chase Bank 

This is from one of the facebook groups and was sent to me on skype:

So, as a success story I would like to report that as of today after sending to the Vice President of the alleged Chase Bank ( who just happen to send me a letter in May with his name and signature on it to sell my home in foreclosure) was a Determination of Funding Letter, 1 Courtesy Notice and 2 invoices totaling 9,000 pieces of 99.9 silver, I received today a letter from the alleged Chase Bank that the lien on my mortgage has been released and discharges the original contract, whereas I am now responsible for the property tax and insurances, and can do what I dam well please with what I want to do with it.
This was a wonderful and fun exercise in which in my heart was the right thing to do to show others that what was being done to all of us was wrong. I needed to take a stand here in Detroit as I watched neighborhoods and communities being torn apart and become inhumane as people were being forced out of their homes, their furnishing thrown in the street and in dumpsters, causing some beautiful homes to be victims of vandalization, with property values dropping like flies, and mortgage payments going through the roof with LIBOR the ARM’s deal The home’s stood empty and all the love was torn from the structures.
What could I do?
With the tools that were given to us by the OPPT crew II used them all, Courtesy Notices, The Determination of Funding letter, the invoices, the court templates etc, I edited them and used them sending all the love and light I could to float above and through each word, with good intent to bring awareness to every person whose eyes read it, and whose heart it may touch.
I am now going to open a Dream Weavers Center to help and show as many people who have eyes to see and ears to hear where their value is, as we are the value and always have been, but it was never taught but was hidden so very well.
Many of the people of family and friends who thought I had lost my mind, want to now join in to see what is going on with formerly OPPT now I/UV to Opt out of the old slavery system and it is done. I say come one come all we are in for another ride but this time there will be more of us. We are Eternal Essence Embodied absent limits !!!!! (*)

Many more stories can be read at and Brian is always updating his blog with new stories of success as well.

This was one of my fav bits on news this morning- I giggled for almost an hour.  Yep, tell me that "nothing is happening" when members of the Saudi Royal Family are stepping down and openly talking about the corruption and  the "suffering under the Al Saud regime"..... yea.... nothing to look at here.

Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud has announced his defection from Al Saud royal family through a statement, calling on other princes to break their silence and reveal the truth for sake of God. - See more at:


In other interesting news, JP Morgan just can't seem to stay out of the hot seat for longer than 48 hours:

JPMorgan Looks to Pay to Settle U.S. Inquiries

JPMorgan Chase is pulling out its checkbook to help mend frayed relationships with the government.
But its new and conciliatory approach — a departure for the bank and its leader, Jamie Dimon, who generally has taken a hard line with the authorities — is yielding mixed results. Government officials, stung by the bank’s past displays of hubris, may drive up the price of settlements or resist the overtures altogether.
The hefty payouts started on Tuesday when JPMorgan struck a $410 million settlement with the nation’s top energy regulator, which had accused the bank of devising “manipulative schemes” to transform “money-losing power plants into powerful profit centers.” The agreement was a record fine for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, whose most recent settlement with a big bank totaled only $1.6 million.

JPMorgan is bracing for an even larger penalty stemming from shoddy mortgage securities it sold to the government.

But not to be outdone, The Bank of England is in hotter water when documents came showing that they were selling the Nazi's stolen gold for them!!! 

Documents reveal Bank of England sold stolen gold for Nazis

Archived material details how gold bars plundered from Czechoslovakia were sold on behalf of Germany's central bank in 1939


And then there is this mess from Barclays......   Lovin' that CNN is outing MI5... I mean, "Barclays", teeheehee!

Barclays reveals £12.8 billion balance sheet hole

 (Financial Times) -- Barclays has revealed a £12.8 billion ($19.6 billion) hole in its balance sheet as it announced a £5.8 billion rights issue, buttressed by a plan to shrink its balance sheet and issue £2 billion of contingent convertible debt.

 Seriously?!  Can anyone even remotely translate that sentence into something that is understandable (let alone LEGAL).  I loved this part though- are you ready for this?

"Alongside the capital measures, the bank announced £2 billion of fresh mis-selling provisions, £1.35 billion to cover PPI and £650 million to cover interest rate swaps.

Barclays also announced second-quarter profits of £3.6bn on an adjusted pre-tax basis, down 17 per cent. Statutory pre-tax profit doubled to £1.7 billion, the bank said." 

Now, THIS one is funny as all hell!!!  Considering the fact that PayPal have yet to manage to return my multiple emails or reset my password for me, let alone fix the issue I have with even being able to access my account!!..... I have a hard time taking them seriously on this one!!!  (I'm sure the Galactics are roaring laughing as well!)

PayPal says outer space is its next frontier


This one is for all my fellow Canucks:

Vets angry as federal lawyers argue Ottawa has no social obligation to soldiers

"At least one veterans group promises to campaign against the Harper Conservatives because of a stand taken by federal lawyers, who argue the country holds no extraordinary social obligation to ex-soldiers."

.... As a former Canadian Armed Forces Medic and a Harper Hater..... that one nearly made my head blew off.

And for those looking for more information about Iraq and the massive sell off of all the country's assets, I've put together a couple of very telling articles.

"JUHASZ: Yeah, there's been a long, very public fight, first started by the Bush administration, on behest of the oil companies that basically operated both within and without of the administration to utilize the invasion of Iraq as a way to open up Iraq to Western oil companies, which haven't been able to operate in Iraq since the 1970s nationalizations. And there were two methods that were pursued to do that. One was to get the Iraqis to pass a new national law, the Iraq oil law, that would lock in guaranteed market access, under incredibly lucrative terms to foreign companies, to foreign companies--basically, transition Iraq from a nationalized oil system to an all but privatized system. The fight over that law has been very public, and there has been great opposition to it by Iraqi parliamentarians, oil workers unions, civil society groups, people all around the world. And that battle is ongoing. At this very moment, the Iraqi Parliament is still debating trying to get law through, and still has been unable to do so. While that public process has gone on, a much quieter process has proceeded, which is a contracting process, a series of rounds opening up, contract by contract, new oil fields in Iraq to foreign companies. And this process has taken place using contract terms that are essentially the same as what is in the law, but in--contract by contract."
Unfortunately the US "Advisors" (controllers) made sure that directly written into the Constitution was a grandfather clause to insure that NO contracts signed during the occupation of Iraq (ie: selling off all Iraq's assets, commodities and mineral rights) could be over turned by any future Iraqi government!!  Nice, eh?

Western oil firms remain as US exits Iraq

The end of the US military occupation does not mean Iraqis have full control of their oil.
"Dr Abdulhay Yahya Zalloum, an international oil consultant and economist who has spent nearly 50 years in the oil business in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, agrees that western oil companies have "obtained concessions in Iraq's major [oil] fields", despite "there being a lack of transparency and clarity of vision regarding the legal issues".
Dr Zalloum added that he believes western oil companies have successfully acquired the lions' share of Iraq's oil, "but they gave a little piece of the cake for China and some of the other countries and companies to keep them silent"."
...note that he doesn't mention any Iraqi companies nor the Iraqi government

 I HIGHLY recommend reading the below article in it's entirety if you really want to understand just how fucked Iraq is and what the US has done to insure that they have complete control of the entire country.

Looting By Another Name

The Corporate Takeover of Iraq’s Economy

"To further embed a U.S. corporate economy in Iraq, the Iraq Constitution contained provisions that approve the Bremer Orders. The new Iraqi Constitution specifically repealed the Transitional Administrative Law, but did no such thing for Bremer’s Orders and therefore they continue to be the law of the land. Thus, U.S. corporations continue their hold on the reconstruction of Iraq, and U.S. contractors continue to have full immunity from prosecution in Iraq. Beyond that, several articles of the Constitution re-enforce the Bremer Orders, e.g. Article 25 requires "modern economic principles that insure the full investment of its resources, diversification of its sources and the encouragement and development of the private sector; Article 26 "guarantees the encouragement of investment in various sectors," Article 27 allows for the privatization of state property. Juhasz points out that modern economic principles means corporate globalization and the market principles of the Bremer Orders, and private investment means foreign investment.  ...

The method being used for U.S. control of Iraq’s oil is Production Sharing Agreements. PSA’s favor private companies at the expense of exporting governments as the entire exploration, drilling and infrastructure-building process are turned over to private companies in contracts that last twenty-five to forty years. These contracts lock in the laws at the time the contract is signed. Thus contracts signed now would have the Bremer Orders as their law no matter what a future Iraqi government did......

Interim Prime Minister Allawi submitted guidelines for Iraq’s new petroleum law in September 2004. The guidelines put "an end to the centrally planned and state-dominated Iraq economy" and urged the "Iraqi government to disengage from running the oil sector." Further, he recommended privatization stating the industry "should be exclusively based in the private sector, that domestic wholesale and retail marketing of petroleum products should be gradually transferred to the private sector, and that major refinery expansions or grassroots refineries should be built by the local and foreign private sectors." Finally, Allawi called for all undeveloped oil and gas fields to be turned over to private international oil companies. This, at a time when only seventeen of Iraq’s eighty known oil fields have been developed. Article 109 of the Iraq Constitution re-enforces this goal stating that the federal government only administers existing oil and gas fields. The plans for a new Iraq petroleum law were made public at a press conference in Washington, DC by Adel Abdul Mahdi, formerly the Finance Minister, and now a Deputy President of Iraq.  

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