Tuesday 2 July 2013

OPPT & I UV from A to Z

The One Peoples Radio Show last night played the recorded Interview we did with Heather yesterday morning, and that is available to listen to in the show archive, or the videos that I posted this morning.

As I said at the beginning of the interview, the article I wrote on Saturday, and now the interview itself, have gone viral across the internet. This has generated a new wave of listeners who are discovering The One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings and the I UV documents for the very first time.  Some of these people have no knowledge of the background that leads up to these filings, nor the reason WHY.

I'm writing this article as a historical run down of all the important documents, the links, the articles that are very relevant to all that has been done since the very first OPPT filing.  Please share this out with your friends, on your website, social media groups etc....

.... If I've missed anything really vital, I will edit to update.

The main sites that have been following, and working with, the OPPT and I UV information are:  and

and there are several regular blog talk radio shows that have focused a lot on everything we have been working on:

Monday night at 8est is The One People radio show
Tuesday night at 8est is The Collective Imagination

A group of amazing people stepped up and worked together to create a web site that kept current articles from the internet about the OPPT and various other topics.  Once the OPPT was retired, they renamed and recreated the site to .  The and the sites are not the official websites of the OPPT trustees or the I UV INchange. This awesome group of volunteers has keep a running list of all the current articles to do with oppt and the I UV, plus an assortment of other stories and news that they find interesting.

There is also an RTS forum and several skype groups that follow everything that has been happening.

... and of course, Caleb's Project XIII is about to be launched very soon, which will take social networking and mega secure communications to a whole new level.

My friend Oliver Troll  wrote this outline of the DOings of OPPT and the Trustees:

What is it actually that OPPT has made and what was the purpose?
 OPPT has done the following:

 1: Examined the corrupting financial systems and its links to the legal system and the rule of law, knowingly, willingly and intentionally by the three trustees Caleb Skinner, Hollis Randal Hillner and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on the behalf of us the people.

 2: Registered UCC-filings (Uniform Commercial Code)  in order to invalidate the Governments, authorities and companies with The Paradigm Report as a basis.  ... They (the UCC Filings)  have to date not been rebutted or disproved, as of the 1st of July, 2013.

 3:Created a space for Creative Value Asset Center's (CVAC) which each individual is so that it cannot be taken from us. This has been done through the documentation that OPPT has registered, we have hereby been liberated from the unconscious slavery system based solely on the monetary. No one has the right to decide on an individual sovereign individual because nobody can show any documents  in which we as individuals (not people) have agreed that we should be subordinate to someone.

 4: Taking back our own value by introducing I and Universal Value-INchange. Dissolution of the Foundation hereby also OPPT has now fulfilled its purpose and has been retired! (UCC-filings, however, still stand)

 5: Introduce a new value system (that represents the original value system before the current financial system removed vital parts and took away transparency-D) that is linked to our individual value is unlimited.

The following are the links to various documents, filings, and articles that follow the journey of us all to this point.

"The Tidal Wave is Coming" including the Paradigm Report in test and pdf

Official Announcements from The One People's Public Trust in December 2012 on American Kabuki's site:

Original interview with Brian, D and Heather:

Transcription of the interview:

OPPT Trustee Bonds

OPPT Declaration Orders

OPPT Commercial Bill UCC Filing

NOTICE: I and UV INchange

Universal Value exchange announcement 1121

A Message from Heather: Almost Every Loan, If Not Every Loan is Fraud...No Loan Was Made


OPPT Definitions

A site devoted to answering OPPT questions

Foreclosed Government Corporations- links

Radio Show Transcripts for 2013

Educational Entertainment for a Snow Day Including:
From Tyranny to Freedom
Meet Your Strawman
The American Dream

Playing with Gold: An Exercise

Courtesy Notice Documents, plus “How to Fill Them Out and Send Them” MP3(s) by Ken Bartle, Scott Bartle, and Chris Hale

Latest versions of the  Courtesy Notice (CN)

Foreclosure Flyer which has each UCC filing # mentioned linked to the actual UCC filings

"What if..."

"Do You Remember?"

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