Monday 22 July 2013

Brian Kelly: The Will of The People

 This is a conversation that Brian Kelly had in "another room" .... it deserved to be read by everyone.  Thank you Brian- Well said!!

I made this comment on a thread in another room and thought it worth sharing. It was in response to accusations that Courtesy Notices are causing "serious suffering." Please feel free to share as you see fit :)

I have yet to come across one person who is "seriously suffering" as a result of using a Courtesy Notice, which as we made very clear above is NOT an official OPPT document, nor produced by Heather. Those who are suffering, such as the case of Shawna above, were already suffering prior to submitting a CN. In essence, the CN was not the cause, it was only deemed the cause when it didn't bring about an immediate remedy.

XXXX, you should know me better by now. I have no fear when it comes to standing up for what I believe in. Those in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, et al are the real terrorists and you know that. They label anyone they so choose (i.e. Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julien Assange, etc.) as domestic terrorists, when they compromise their illusion by bringing too much truth to the mainstream. If the Universe intends for me to go to jail for doing the RIGHT thing, then so be it. I will stand up for my rights and liberties no matter which side of the jail cell I may reside. The people of this country are in just as much of a prison outside of the prison walls, as they are in.

I say, do whatever YOU feel is right XXXX, and ALL. But don't criticize others who take a stand when they're tired of being stepped on and abused. What if all of the great heroes of our time, MLK Jr, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, JFK, Rosa Parks, etc. stood down because they were afraid of what "could" happen to them as a result. These great men and many others, gave their life for what they believed in, but look how many millions of people, from all around the world, have lived on to enjoy the fruits of their legacy.

We can either stand down in fear and let the abuse rage on for generations to come. Or, we can stand against it NOW, united as one people and once and for all bring an end to all the fraud, corruption and tyranny. I don't know about you XXXX, but I and many others out there just like me, are done playing that game. Please, for your own sake, save yourself the breath and stop trying to convince me/us otherwise. The people have the right to choose their own path. This is not about OPPT anymore, it's about experiencing true Freedom. The UCC filings were a tool. A tool that have helped awaken many people from all over the world. Once enough people are awake and aware, it doesn't take UCC filings, official govt/bank foreclosures, courtesy notices etc to bring down a broken takes only one thing, THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Look around the world right now and tell me that's not the case...

The time of looking outside of ourselves for a hero to come save the day is behind us. Look in the mirror and you will find your hero. It's up to US. It always has been up to US. We have all the tools we need. The time to use them is NOW. We are the ones we've been waiting for. I love you ALL. I stand with you ALL, as my brothers and sisters of Humanity, ready to make a difference. I don't care where your intel comes from, which guru you follow, how much you like me, what language you speak or what color your skin is. My watchwords are: love, peace, unity, compassion, kindness, harmony, respect, tolerance, joy.... The time has come to stop all the ridiculous arguing and in fighting and unite under one common goal: to break free from our oppressors who have controlled every facet of our lives for far too long.

This will be my last comment on this thread. Please consider my words, look inside your heart and ask yourself, what can "I" do to play my part in the greatest shift humanity has ever experienced? Do I choose love or fear? Unity or division? Do I spend my time criticizing others for what they say and do, or live and let live and blaze my own trail? I love you all...

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