Sunday 14 July 2013

Something is Moving in Italy!

Amazing DOing in Italy!!!  Many do not see it yet, but the bankers themselves are ready for change.  For all that they are within the system, they see the corruption and inequality for what it is and they too see the extreme need to everything to change.  I'm looking forward to another update from Alfred early this coming week.  I have a feeling that Italy is about to get hit with a wave of DOing that could shake the foundations of their banking industry even before Heather releases the documents and templates!!

From the RTS skype room July 13, 2013

Alfred On Gaia: Hi everybody, something is moving in Italy
Yesterday one of the team has taken the initiative to speak spontaneously to a manager of his bank's local agency.
This is what happened:


This morning I went to the bank to pay a check to cover the minimum utilities, as my usual

I turn to my friend, chief financial officer and deputy director (which I will not name as the local agency in order not to create any problem to him)

And I said:
"Look, let's go get a coffee ... will you?"
It's a friend of mine, a really nice man...

At the bar:
ME: "Then I'll have to talk to you and I have to deliver some files onto a USB stick, you do not have internet at the branch but only the intranet by Unicredit Bank ... then you will bring a tablet or a laptop, because we have to read some things together and you have to find by yourself each file that I mention to you ...

But listen .. you know that Italy is a corporation registered at the SEC of Washington? ... Do you know the same happens to every nation you actually know? "

HIM: Well, yes I know... Italy is registered as such ... As if people want to benefit from the straight rights of citizenship, schools, hospitals .... highways, unfortunately you have to accept this....

ME: "Oh yeah? Really?..... And what about Sovereign People? Where is our Constitution? Where are our natural rights of birth, our natural and divine rights? What about our income taxes? We pay for this kind oh "services" two, three, four times? We pay every day for the right to LIVE? And yet we loose every savings, every money we're able to put on our dreams?... So you already know these things? ... And you also know that every loan that Unicredit Bank makes is governed by UCC laws? "

HIM: - Of course I do ... (he shows me the references of a model contract prospectus) ... here are the rules of international trade, the UCC. Every bank has to respect them...

ME: "But perhaps you do not know that no one had never signed this contract with a corporate state in a conscious way, nor us with the Italian republic. But could you tell me what happens if you ask for a sign on a loan to a person without having properly informed him about the terms and conditions of the contract?

HIM: - Well, of course ... Naturally, the contract is void

ME: "Then I'll tell you that you sold your two daughters to the italian state and your father and mine and me too with my son we did the same, turning them into legal persons, at the right moment of their birth, and they became only merely and severally liable for all acts of their existence, the beneficiaries of a trust administered by the state and deposited in the form of collateral bond to obtain liquidity in cash and traded on international markets as asset warranties .... You already knew that too?
No, don't you? ... well do know that this is how it works, even while you and I are talking about it, they are exchanging us and our descendants for hard cash CURRENCY "

HIM: - But what can we do if that's how it always goes?

ME: "Well, it's simple ... I give the USB key to you and you will spread it at least to 10 your colleagues in the bank and so on ... in a short time we will know and we'll be tens of millions ... Do you know they're doing so in other countries? "

HIM: - Of course I want to know ... bring me the key!

ME: "And then I want to anticipate that you will continue to do your job in a bank where the hated Intranet system that harassing people like you and me with astronomical interests, insurmountable unless it had to shed blood, will cease to exist.
I will come to you to deposit part of my trust that will be back in my full possession, as well as your will, too.
To make that possible the only thing I'll do will be look into your eyes and do so (I take his right hand and I shake it vigorously).
I'll sign then and in honor, as I do, you will do the same in charge of your acts, fully responsible and liable.
That's all.

If Unicredit Bank will not agree in respecting new rules and will break UCC law, OPPT trust, which has seized the whole system, illegal and false exploiter of hundreds of millions of people enslaved, at that moment your bank will cease to be a bank.
It means that Unicredit will grow eggplant and zucchini for third parties, not having even a piece of land that hasn't been torn by deceit and deception to its natural and rightful owners .... So, how it sounds to you? (smiling) "

HIM: - I think that I like that...I think that we need to talk as soon as possible....


Well, after doing that, I'm glad ....
Do the same too! Don't panic!

 D.Breakingthesilence: that is freaking AWESOME!!!! tell your friend that I love her and think she is stupendoustly AMAZING!!! :D

Alfred On Gaia: We are experimenting with approaches every day and there is something to laugh about because the tone is to do a favor for these bank executives. They are the ones to ask us and we give them the opportunity to know! The deputies to the chamber of the 5 stars movement "Beppe Grillo group" are fashinated of Oppt and read us every day. We had a meeting with them because they wanted to know everything about oppt and all is gone perfect. Today one famous economist in touch with Sibilla of "movimento 5 stelle" have pinged the arguments of our translated post about Helen's letter. This reversal of poles, where banks have a real chance, is intriguing many people ;)

 D Breakingthesilence: well tell Valeria that she is a super hero in my books!

 Alfred On Gaia: a real solution, not just complaints. Bingo!

 Alfred On Gaia: I will say to her immediately!

 Alfred On Gaia: thank you! Monday we'll come back to Unicredit local agency to deliver a copy of Helen's letter. We will let you know

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