Friday 19 July 2013

Interview with Lisa, Bob & Brian and Kiri of New Zealand- VITALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!

This is a vitally important interview that Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright and Brian Kelly did last night with Kiri in New Zealand.

Two nights ago Lisa sent me an excited message that a woman in New Zealand  had created her own Declaration of Value and had deposited $15 million of her value into her bank account- Lisa had all the copies of the deposit slips to go with this information.  Needless to say, it caused quite a bit of excitement.

The following morning, Kiri and Lisa contacted Heather and I to tell us that during their day time, Kiri had been arrested for "Fraud".

As soon as we got Kiri on a Skype call with Lisa to discuss all the details of who what where why when and how, it became very quickly apparent that everything was rolling out exactly as it should- Eternal Essence working everything exactly as it should be.

I will give you the short version from my side of it all rolling out:

Kiri writes up her own declarations and sends them to the CEO of her bank- marked private for his attention only.

Arrangements are made with the bank and she goes in with her declarations and an old cheque book from a closed account- she uses this cheque book as a place for the Value to be deposited.

The Bank is completely read to receive her, they know why she is coming and they accept her deposit of $15 Million of her value and give her a deposit slip showing her name, account number, and the deposit amount all dated July 16th.

The following day the police come to Kiri's house and arrest her for "fraud" due to the old chequeing account.

When Heather and I hear of Kiri's arrest and get the details from Kiri of exactly what happened, Heather just about laughs her ass off- followed by all of us, including Kiri- as we all realize exactly what the bank has done:  By declaring Kiri's use of a cheque as fraud, they are thereby stating all cheque books and accounts are Fraudulent and that their banking practices are fraudulent from top to bottom.  Not only that, but because THEY, the BANK, DEPOSITED the amount of $15 million into Kiri's account- THEY Admitted that her Value HAS Value and IS the VALUE!!!  By  arresting  her they not only have completely cancelled on their own ability to do "banking" - they assisted her to DO the "fraud" by not telling her it was "Fraud" at the moment that they deposited the Value into her account!!!!

Heather has fully discussed the issues with Kiri and is currently writing up a "Notice of Mistake" for Kiri to take to the bank- which will basically state that it was a mistake to use the chequing account to deposit her value, because it's obviously a fraudulent account and a fraudulent tool by a fraudulent financial agency.... and if she'd been INFORMED of that by the bank to begin with, she would never of made that decision to use that fraudulent tool to deposit her money!!!!

*insert evil laugh here!*

As my internet is seriously not behaving, and the interview was done well after midnight my time and I had  to tell Lisa there was no way I could stay up that late, lol, I haven't been able to listen to the interview myself yet.... but I guarantee that it will be AWESOME knowing what I do about Kiri, Lisa and and whole situation!!

This is yet another one of those things that NEEDED to happen before the Documents went out.

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