Thursday 4 July 2013

Heather's G-mail email account

So, pretty much the same day that I released that note saying that Heather gives full permission for anyone to access her gmail account that has been blocked since her trip to the BIS and the foreclosures of the system.... we had a lot of people start digging.

Yesterday someone gave Heather a vital piece of the puzzle to getting access to the account again- 3 digits of her phone number that the account had listed (a number she hasn't used in years).  With that piece of info, she "went in" again to try to gain access to the account.

Suddenly it would seem that someone was over seeing all of it and it became most guidedly simple, lol.  Questions that couldn't be answered before, suddenly had "skip" options, and hints appeared that hadn't been there before.

... it verged on comical, let me tell you!!

Anyway, I am now in possession of the account and password and full access to the files.  I am working on getting it all organized.  I will let you all know as soon as it's ready/completed to be published.

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