Wednesday 17 July 2013

Wandering Off To The Other Side- Lucas

Lucas really took the thoughts out of my head yesterday when he wrote this article.  This has been a topic that has been swirling around in my grey matter and my heart for the past week.  An article is percolating at the moment and hopefully I'll manage to get it onto the computer in the next day or two.

For the moment I will say this:  It is time to stop looking outside yourself for answers.  It is time to look for the answers within.  There are WAY too many "Gurus" out there, way too many people claiming to have "divine" plans and inspiration.....  And if you listen carefully you'll see their "divine" influence all pushing the same agenda.  Does it resonate?

I will write out MY OPINION on this hopefully later today.  My OPINION is what resonates with me- it is what I KNOW in my heart.  I will openly share my thoughts with you here on RTS, but in the end it is up to YOU to listen to what resonates with YOU- it is up to YOU to decide if my words and energy are resonating within you.  I will not tell anyone what to believe or what to think - I can only tell you what I believe and what I think.  As you all know, I'm VERY opinionated..... but in the end, it's just my opinion ;>)

Lucas – My Galactic Observation Post – Wandering Off To The Other Side – Keep Things Within – It Is YOU Your Searching For – 16 July 2013

As I am my own galactic observation post,  I see the observations that I see and feel happening in the now from within. I see people switching places by  falling  back into traps of old 3D perceptions, 3D  feelings and emotions. The switch is instigated by giving away the powers of the self  to a guru, teacher or someone with power. There is though a difference in being appreciated or  acknowledging someone AND having misplaced respect for ultimate knowledge or someone powerful or someone leading you astray .  It is that what I see happening.
People still are believing in forces outside of themselves. They think still those forces  will help them or save them in their journey in finding their real self. People turning from loving childlike naive people into power-hungry people who want to lead others astray. I see others becoming a repetitive voice for some outside force that their belief structures fully are pulled  into. In my view you only can be the  example in  showing all that is you coming from within you. It is not about some vague entity, “ET” or something or someone who is placed outside your self.  This is all just distractions and leading back to separation.  Just observe and see if it is not also applicable to you.
Are you still wandering to the other side back into that you wanted to leave behind? Are you not still seeking acknowledgement from others to say who you are?  Are you still seeking the you, your divine and your galactic presence outside of you?   Are you still thinking there is someone who will do things for you? Are you still giving your powers away to people telling you they have the knowledge or powers that will bring you the change and will teach you who your are? Are you not questioning anything? Are you blindly following falsely awakened feelings and expectations by others? Are you let to believe your only becoming one with all by doing certain things you were told?  Are you thinking groups are part of your journey as in compulsory needing to be part of them?
If you have those questions  answered for yourself in honesty maybe look over your shoulder where you already have come from.  That was really you over there. Go back to that point that is  within and that point will tell you what is right for you as it is YOU finding center. See again your the only one that can know your real self as It is YOU.  You are all that is.  There is no need for any confirmations, workshops , tests, nor methods or  channels to tell you who you are.  It is ALL already there for you to explore within. You are all that what you seem to keep searching for.
Be the NOW. Live that what you are in coming back to your natural state of being as a divine human universal multidimensional being that has all knowledge of YOU already within. All powers, abilities and tools you have already within. You need no one else to tell you who YOU are nor how to use something that is not YOURS. Wake up again and be aware of your diversion of YOUR path that you should go.  The NOW is about unification and healing polarities to become balanced again. Do not get directed or manipulated into  something that is not YOU.  Always ask if it would be your decision to do this or go that way.  Be your own galactic observation post and observe you within.  That is where your answers and your balance is. Your heart will tell you where you have landed within. The flow and synchronicity are becoming part again on your journey and  you will know and see your creative and manifesting powers.  BE.
Love and eternal gratitude for all that is. Thanks for being you. You all are individually and collectively awesome, just remember YOU.

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