Tuesday 2 July 2013

Interview with Heather, Lisa, Bob and D

This is the You Tube Video of the audio file from the interview yesterday with Heather, myself, Lisa and Bob. Please listen to it and get ready for the release of all the documents.  The video has also been uploaded to Vimeo.

(the show archive from last night also contains the audio of the interview HERE)

Later tonight, a few hours before The Collective Imagination radio show, we will release the first document.  This doc fully explains the original value system, the way that the current financial system has  corrupted the value system, and how the new value system will work.

Right before The Collective Imagination show, or during the show, we will be releasing the template document.

Please join us tonight on TCI!  We will be discussing all of the documents and the interview... and I promise to show up this time, lol!!

I UV Inchange Introduction by Heather Tucci-Jarraf from American Kabuki on Vimeo.

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